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The Top 10 most luxurious homes in the world

The Top 10 most luxurious homes in the world

For some an extension to the rear of the house or some decking will suffice. For others a jacuzzi, sauna and steam room are the stuff dreams are made of. Then there are those select, wealthy few, who have insatiable desires for glamour and decadence. We’re talking gold gilded toilet seats, marble floors throughout, elevators and live-in staff. Here are the top 10 most offensively decadent homes in the world. Now this is some serious home improvement.

1- Antilia, Mumbai
Business man Mukesh Ambani owns and lives in this 27 storey ‘home’ in Mumbai. It boasts six underground levels of car parking and three helicopter pads. Well how else will his 600 staff get to work?

2 -Villa Leopolda, French Riviera
This massive French Villa was built by a king in 1901 and remains one of the most expensive houses in the country. It contains up to 20 bedrooms, a bowling alley, a cinema and olive groves on its 20 acres of land. It was once used as the set to Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief.

5 things Dogs teach us about Human Behavior

5 things Dogs teach us about Human Behavior

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot from a dog

1) Body Language Is Crucial.

Ever heard someone say, “Ninety-three percent of all human communication is nonverbal“? That’s a mangled attempt to explain a study done by Albert Mehrabian back in 1967, and while it’s not true, dogs show that it’s not all that far off the mark. Dogs, which are actually below Honey Boo Boo on the brains scale, manage to effectively communicate with us and each other without ever saying a word. They can also interpret tone freakishly well. If you don’t believe that, after your dog gets sick and poops in the house, say “Who did this?” in a deep voice and he’ll put his head down, and slink into a corner looking as guilty as if he were personally responsible for Old Yeller getting rabies.

Infographic: Top 11 Features of Windows 8

Dot Com Infoway (DCI), has created yet another infographic illustrating the best features of Windows 8. “Windows 8: Top 11 Features” is the 5th in a series of infographics released by the company. The latest infographic provides a clear overview of facts, figures and features that will help users get familiar with the new OS. 

Founders of the Internet (Infographic)

Infographic from Liverpool based Glow New Media providing infomation about the founders of the internet including Bill Gates, Alan Turing, Larry Page and more

Founders of the Internet

The internet is an incredible, world history altering advance in technology. We think it’s amazing that it was effectively founded by the work of such a small group of individuals.

There were many names who made our short list. The final group we selected all passed the test “Would the global internet be substantially reduced without the body of work of this individual?”
We hope it provokes some thought! 

The World’s Most Dangerous Careers (Infographic)

The World’s Most Dangerous Careers

Fascinating infographic from the UK sign supplier called Warning Safety Signs all about the most dangerous careers. Learn about the most dangerous jobs in America, the UK and throughout the World.

 The infographic is broken down into 3 sections: America’s most dangerous jobs, the UK’s most dangerous jobs and the World’s most dangerous jobs

The Periodic Table of Fictional Minerals (Infographic)

The Periodic Table of Fictional Minerals

This infographic we have made is a periodic table of metals, minerals and other elements that don't exist, except in popular culture (notably films, TV shows, animated series, games, comic books and literature). The table is a fun play on the real-life periodic table and demonstrates just how many fictional elements there are.

Here is an infographic from sheet metal website Buy Metal Online all about fictional minerals that only exist in popular culture including movies, television shows, animated series, comics and literature. 

The World’s Richest Superheroes (Infographic)

Infographic from a United Kingdom loan company called Buddy Loans all about which superheroes have got the most cash. The superheroes included are Black Panther, Iron Man, Batman, Lex Luthor, Dr Doom, Green Arrow, Professor X and Magneto.

Game of Thrones: A Chronology of the Houses Seasons 1-4

Game of Thrones

For all the massive fans of Game of Thrones!  The infographic shows the chronology of the four main families (Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Targaryen) and the Night’s Watch over the last four seasons.

Please note that this is live and up to date so it DOES contain spoilers right up to the most recent episode. 

Air Conditioning Facts and History (Infographic)

Air Conditioning Facts and History (Infographic)

Today I have an infographic from Airconco.com all about the history of air conditioning along with some fun facts. The 1st part on how our ancestors beat the heat is particularly interesting. Enjoy! 


Here we have a fun infographic showing original illustrations of some of the most iconic vehicles from movies and television shows. 

A handy infographic for skilled photographers or video makers who want to make some cash with their videos and photographs. The infographic has statistics, a flowchart, top 10 ways to make money with photos and videos and 4 success stories.

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