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  • Quantitative Aptitude (mathematics),
  • Logical Reasoning(critical reasoning, decision making)
  • Verbal Ability(reading comprehensions, grammar and tenses).
  • Data Interpretation(data sufficiency)
Buying Books: find the best books which students refer to for studying for CAT 
Coaching Institutes: Give a diagnostic CAT at an online website to know your level. This will help you gauge your level and if need be, go for coaching.
Study Plan: A good beginning cannot be complete without an effective study plan. Make sure you draw one up and refer to it continuously as you move forward.

Quantitative Aptitude (mathematics):

For complete theory understanding follow NCERT books from std 9-12 which are available for free download at NCERT Site.

Recommended Books For Quantitative Aptitude:

Book Name : Quantum CAT
Author : Sarvesh Kumar Verma
Price : 590

The language used is so easy to follow and the concepts starts from abcd...up to the CAT level and the book has innumerable problems for practise.After all it is fully solved and well explained so that one don’t need a tutor/coaching

Book Name : Quantitative Aptitude
Author : R.S.Aggarwal
Price : 440

A basic book for all Quantitative Aptitude for any Competitive Examination (Fully Solved)

Book Name : How To Prepare For Quantiative Aptitude For The CAT
Author : Arun Sharma
Price :550

It is an established best-seller for aspirants preparing for this important segment of the CAT. It is also extremely useful for those preparing for similar prestigious MBA entrance examinations like XAT, XLRI, FMS etc. Written and presented in an inimitable style

Book Name : The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude For The CAT
Author : Nishit K Sinha
Price :525

The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT has everything you need to secure a top score in the quantitative papers of the CAT and other MBA entrance examinations. Written in a student-friendly style, this book explains concepts in a concise manner and includes numerous examples

It is in fact a good buy and but at the start you should follow quantum cat only then move on to this.


Book Name : Quantitative Aptitude for CAT and other MBA Entrance Examinations
Author : T. I. M. E.
Price :499

This book has been designed as a one-stop solution for students preparing for various competitive examinations. This book explains various models and concepts in a concise manner and provides a large number of solved examples taken from actual examinations.
 Most of the questions are repeated ones taken from Time material (easily available)
The tests series provided at the end of book are not in par with the standards of their in AIMCATS

Book Name : The Pearson Guide to Objective Arithmetic for Competitive Examinations
Author : Dinesh Khattar
Price :375

Nice Helpful book

Book Name : Demystifying Number System: For The CAT And Other MBA Exam
Author : Nishit K Sinha
Price : 199

Demystifying Number System provides in-depth coverage of all the topics related to number system if you are uncomfortable solving numbers as they have huge weightage in quants

Verbal Ability:(reading comprehensions, grammar and tenses)

To have a grip on language, guided practice is the key word.
Verbal Ability or Reading Comprehension tests your ability to understand
  • The nuances of the written word
  • Identify and differentiate the subtleties of meanings of words
  • Correct syntax, structure and formation of sentences
  • Identify the complex ideas presented in the paragraph and link it to the overall theme
Recommended Books For Verbal Ability:

Book Name : Mastering The Verbal Ability For CAT
Author : Ajay Singh
Price : 425

Comprehensive explanation of each topic Examples as well as questions to practice.  

Book Name : A Modern Approach To Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning
Author : R. S. Aggarwal
Price :  695

This book contains all types of questions asked in various competitive examinations; fully solved examples with explanatory answers; and a huge collection of practicable questions.
Book Name : Verbal Ability For The CAT
Author :
Sujit Kumar
Price :  210

This user-friendly book prepares students for the language and verbal ability section of the Common Admission Test. Designed to clear the confusion and chaos involved in mastering English, the lucid, step-by-step approach of concepts and their applied aspects in this text makes for an easy learning experience.


Book Name : How to Prepare For Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT
Author : Arun Sharma,Meenakshi Upadhyay
Price :550

Book Name : Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT and other MBA Entrance Examinations
Author : T. I. M. E.
Price :499

Book Name : Verbal Ability For CAT
Author : MBAGuru
Price :295

Logical Reasoning(critical reasoning, decision making):

Recommended Books For Logical Reasoning:

Book Name : A Modern Approach To Logical Reasoning
Author : R. S. Aggarwal
Price :140

Book Name : Analytical Reasoning
Author : M K Pandey
Price :250

Its a good book for the understanding of the theory.

Book Name : Analytical & Logical Reasoning For CAT
Author : B S Sijwali,Ajay Singh
Price :190


Book Name : Non-Verbal Reasoning Useful For Management
Author : B S Sijwali,Indu Sijwali
Price :  170

Book Name : Verbal Reasoning
Author : Sijwali
Price :275

Book Name : Test Of Reasoning For Competitive Examinations
Author : Edgar Thorpe
Price :510

Data Interpretation(data sufficiency):

Recommended Books:

Book Name : An Advanced Approach To Data Interpretation
Author : R. S. Aggarwal
Price :  120

Book Name : Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning for the CAT
Author : T. I. M. E.
Price : 499


Book Name : How to Prepare For Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning for the CAT
Author : Arun Sharma
Price : 495

covers various types of DI & LR questions. It is very repetitive in nature

Book Name : Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency For CAT
Author : B S Sijwali
Price : 180



Complore.com : A website dedicated to completely free online CAT preparation with tons of free full length tests.Registration is not necessary for taking the tests.

TCYonline.com : Free CAT mock tests (full length + categoriwise).GD/PI materials- strategies & case studies are also available

Bellmycat.com : A good amount of Mock test papers & sample papers for CAT (in pdf)as well as good updated resources on GD & interview.

Cexams.com : A large number of CAT mock online papers.Separate categorywise tests also available.

IMSindia.com : Each free Sample paper contains 15 question for each of the following category - Problem Solving, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability, Logical reasoning & Data Interpretation.For each section one gets 25 minutes.

Careerlauncher.com : A demo CAT online test by the institute contains 10 questions each in 3 categories - Verbal Ability, Quantitative ability & DI.

Time4education.com : In its sample you can find 75 question in 3 categories - Verbal Ability, Quantitative ability & DI.Time duration is 150 minutes.

Careerforum.in : It offers in its CAT test papers with 25 questions each in 3 categories.Each section carries 100 marks & total test duration is 2 & half hours.

Mindinsight.com : It offers 5 mock tests with 25 questions in Quantitative aptitude, 25 in DI & 40 in Verbal Ability.Total test duration is 150 minutes.

Testfunda.com : Full length practice tests can be practiced online or the same can be downloaded as pdf with solution.Previous years CAT & XAT papers can also be practised online or in offline mode can be downloaded alongwith their solution.

Catindiaonline.com : In its free plan it offers 2 mock tests, 6 pratice tests & 2 previous CAT papers for online practice.



* www.2iim.com
* www.onestopmba.com
* www.indianmba.com
* www.totalgadha.com
* www.indiaedu.com
* www.iimcat.blogspot.com
* www.koolkareers.com
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