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Top Shakespeare Blogs

Written By Franklin V on Monday, April 25, 2011 | 6:47 PM

Do you dream in iambic pentameter and express your love in sonnets? Are you happy to watch Hamlet, or crazy for King Lear? Don't miss these 10 essential online Shakespeare resources, from the scholarly blog of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to a compendium of Shakespeare-inspired YouTube videos and an annotated online collection of Shakespearean works.
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1. Blogging Shakespeare

Written and maintained by the education team at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, this site seeks to 'incite thought provoking conversation . . . about the greatest writer in human history.' The blog stands out for the pedigree of its authors, all of whom are professional scholars with doctoral degrees in a field related to English and extensive experience with Shakespeare.

2. American Shakespeare Center

The education department at the American Shakespeare Center also offers an engaging and interesting blog. The authors explore a wide range of topics, from the sociopolitical implications of Shakespeare education in public schools to heartwarming stories of young people engaging with the Bard.

3. Shakespeare Geek

Get funny, insightful analysis of Shakespearean works and the uses of Shakespeare in our lives - from education to comic books - in this blog by Duane, a software engineer and self-proclaimed Shakespeare geek.

4. Play Shakespeare

Looking for an authoritative version of Shakespeare's texts online, with proper indentation and meter preserved? Check out Play Shakespeare, written by a tireless team of analyzers and interpreters. In addition to the (free) texts, the site offers reviews of theatrical performances and forums for curious fans.

5. Open Shakespeare

Open Shakespeare is another great resource for annotated Shakespearean texts online. In addition to full versions of the plays, the site offers introductions, critical essays and tools for comparing, searching and writing your own annotations on the texts. Open Shakespeare is part of the Open Knowledge Foundation.
the works of the Bard

6. I Love Shakespeare

Many Shakespeare blogs are written by scholars or fans, but this one offers a different perspective: That of the Shakespearean actor. From the trials of memorizing lines to the depth of his Shakespeare obsession, this actor shares his special passion for the Bard.

7. Mad Shakespeare

Have you ever told someone how much you love Shakespeare and had them say, 'Shakespeare? Who cares!' This blog sets out to change that attitude by demonstrating just how relevant Shakespeare still is.

8. Folger Shakespeare Library

The Folger Shakespeare Library, run out of D.C., offers a blog focused primarily on Shakespeare education and the analysis of Shakespearean performances. You'll also find tips on great Shakespeare gifts for people of any age and Shakespeare news from all over the country.

9. Bard Film

From in-depth documentaries to splashy Hollywood adaptations, Shakespeare is one of the most popular subjects on film. This blog offers reviews, analyses and the skinny on hidden Bard references from every Shakespeare-related movie you can imagine.

10. Bard Box

Prefer YouTube to the movie theater? Then don't miss the Bard Box, a collection of Shakespeare-related online videos. The blog aims to collect original content, from homemade Shakespeare music videos to dorm documentaries, all of which center on a love of the Bard.
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April 27, 2011 at 8:47 PM

I have to suggest one of the best in-depth analysis of the plays, Ehren Ziegler's "Chop Bard" www.ChopBard.com and www.InYourEarShakespeare.com, the Cure for boring Shakespeare. Podcasts available through iTunes. Free.
Best, Robin.

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