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Legal sites that offer free books (eBooks)

Written By Franklin V on Monday, April 25, 2011 | 7:54 PM

This is a listing of 321 sites that legally offer free books (eBooks) for download or for online viewing.

2020k Large collection, divided into categories and sub-categories for download in a variety of formats.  Note: Many of the links to the Internet Archive from this site are not working.
4tenderheart  offers unique stories for online reading and also two television readings of Sir Pot stories.
AdamWasserman  offers his scifi work "Gyges the Terrible" for free download in ebook format.  Also other fiction works at his site.
Alexandra Marell   offers 4 of her works for free download after free registration at her site.
AllBooksFree A small, but unique, listing of free fiction ebooks, available for download, mostly in pdf.
AllPDFBooks  has a good sized collection of books available in biology, chemistry,  physics, computer, magic and hindi kahaniyan, for download in pdf.  Suggested by an anonymous user.
AllRomanceBooks  lists 169 free romance ebooks for download.  Registration is required.  I noticed that there appeared to be the 1RomanceEBooks and eHarlequin listings shown there, as well as quite a few others.  Again, these are not public domain, but the free offerings of current publishers.
AlvieTheLittleBrownBurro  has seven Alvie stories to read online or download in MP3.
Amazon New! has a large listing of free kindle books.  These are listed as the Top 100 free overall and in each category.  I did not go through each category, but they look to add up to an impressive number.
American Mathematical Society has a pretty complete listing of books involving mathematics.
Arthur's Classic Novels - Over 4000 novels covering a great variety of topics, nicely separated into categories and "best" lists.  Some very interesting entries here.  Available for online viewing.
Ask Sam - A small collection of classics, including Shakespeare, and legal, resource and government texts.
AssociatedContent  has several cookbooks available for download in pdf.  Most are short and specific (muffin recipes etc.), but the Chocolate recipe book is over 600 pages and the Blue Ribbon recipes are over 400 pages.
AstrologyWeekly 10 books for online reading and about 30 for download.  All on astrology.
Authorama offers a few hundred books, searchable by author, for online viewing.
BABBooks  is a children's site that has 25 free illustrated books available for online reading or listening.
Baen Free Library - A small library of downloadable science fiction novels in a variety of formats.
BaenCD - A small collection of science fiction books from Baen's promotional CDs.  They are downloadable in a variety of formats as well as viewable online.
Baldwin Online Children's Projects 520 classic  children's books in a variety of genres for online viewing.
BannerBooks offers 5 unique books for reading online.
Bartleby - Harvard classics and encyclopedias.  HTML only.
BBCSchools   has three online illustrated books for young children that can be viewed with or without audio.
Beenleigh State School  of Queensland, Australia has a large collection of children stories to read online with audio built in.
Berkely SunSite Classics - A small collection of classics.  HTML only.
BesteBooksWorld has links to a fairly large collcetion of free ebooks in a wide variety of caetgories.  These are offsite links, so the download/viewing options vary.
BestScienceFictionStories offers links to a large collection of new and classic short stories for reading, listening and download. 
BetweentheLions  has a good number of video books with words for younger readers to follow along.  Also some games and other activities for young readers.

BhuddaNet   offers several hundred ebooks on various aspects of Bhuddism for download in pdf.  Also a children's section with coloring books and texts.  There are audio books and videos also available.
Bibliomania - Over 2,000 classic novels, study guides, biographies and more.  HTML only.
BlackMaskFiction  offers 20 or so free detective stories that were originally published in magazines during 1925 to 1939 for download in pdf.
Book-bot  14,571 books available for online viewing in their easy to view reader.  Very nice find by fellow editor Rhiannon.
BookBox   is a children's site that has about 20 free books available for download in pdf (as a single page) and MP3.  Also free games and coloring books.
BookGlutton is a collection of 1200+ books for online reading with the added  feature of  groups available for discussion of the readings.  Nice combination of reading and socializing.  Suggested by an anonymous poster. Free registration and starting of a group now required.
BookPop  is another children's site that has a number of illustrated books free for online reading.  There are also some coloring pages for download.  There are supposed to be music and story downloads, but I kept getting an error when  trying to reach those.
BookRags - Small collection of free with many paid.  Hard to find the free ones.  Available in Word or PDF.
BooksForABuck  offers the romance novel "Private Lies" for free download in a variety of fomats.
BooksOnlinePage  has 3 full fantasy and 1 full science fiction novel, all by Hugh Cook  available for free online reading.
BooksShouldBeFree While primarily a good sized collection of audio books, each of the books is available for online reading or for download in text.
Bookstacks is a small collection (100+) of classic works available for online viewing, with many also available in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Reader versions.  Nicely set up.
BookViewCafe offers the first of the four book "Starfarers Quartet" for free download in several formats or for reading online.  Thanks to "Guy Haha" for this.
BookYards - 16,000+ books, videos, educational material.
Bored.com has over 15,000 books available for online viewing.  Nicely divided into a good variety of categories.
BritishLibrary has a virtual books section with a small, but interesting, collection for online viewing.
BrowzerBooks  has an interesting collection of novels in a wide variety of genres (check bottom of page for links to genres) either available for online reading or download in pdf.
BucaroTecHelp  has an interesting collection of free business books available for download in pdf.  These deal with internet business for the most part.  You do have to view their news feed to be able to download, but registration is not necessary.
BusinessBookMall  has a large collection of books dealing with all facets of business for free download in pdf.  Also a large collection of non-business textbooks for free download in pdf.
ByGosh  offers a small collection of very nicely illustrated classics for younger children and older children.  Also some short stories.  Suggested by Cathy ofPuzzlEd.
CandlelightStories  has a good number of stories from the Arabian nights collection as well as other story books available for online reading.
CBeebies  is a BBC site that offers a good number of free stories, in flash, for online reading and listening.  Also, has games, music and coloring books.
Chessville 40+ ebooks on Chess available for download (mostly in PDF)

ChestofBooks Large collection, divided into categories, for online viewing.  Nice collection.
ChildrensBooksForever  has a nice collection of illustrated books available in pdf. Additional comments from Cathy of  PuzzlEd 
"I checked out ChildrensBooksForever and the books are just delightful! Gorgeous pictures and some good themes for primary-school kids (anger, bullying etc). Over 20 books available to download and use on computer, Smartboards etc, as well as viewing online (and in quite a variety of languages, too, apparently). Excellent for school or home use."
Children's Books Online is an excellent collection (600+) of illustrated antique children's books for viewing online.   They are also available for download at a fee.  This little gem was suggested by an anonymous poster.
Children'sLibrary.org   has a large collection of books for online viewing.  Many appear to be unique classic works that are finely illustrated.  Books can be filtered by age, length and fiction/non-fiction.
ChildrenStory  a children site that offers a nice collection of fairy tales for online viewing as well as Bible stories and coloring books.
Chris Lusser  offers three of her romance novels for free download in several formats.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library  making classic Christian writings available and promoting their use. Suggested by AndrewK
Classic Authors.net contains the works of over a hundred authors (and short biography for each), with a varying number of works per author.  Online viewing only.
Classic Book Shelf Electronic Library offers the works of 50+ authors in varying amounts.  Online viewing only.
ClassicHistoryBooks offers 6 unique works for online viewing.
Classic Literature Library Decent size collection that has complete works of a small variety of authors and works of others and a nice children's section available for online viewing.
Classic Reader offers thousands of free classic books for online viewing.
ComputerBooks.us larger collection, sub categorized and available for download in pdf
CougarWebWorks has several of the works of Nowick Gray available for free download in pdf.
CrankyLibrarian 3011 books by 752 authors available for online viewing.  Complete works of several authors and some interesting categories.
CrapHound has a few works of Cory Doctrow available for free download.
CreativeHomemaking  has a number of free cookbooks available for download in pdf.  Some interesting entries here, including "How to Make a Gingerbread House".
DailyLit - Read books online by daily email or RSS feed. Over 700 titles.
Developnew a good collection of free computer software books available for reading online.
Diesel eBooks - Offers 750+ ebooks formatted for Microsoft Reader and MobiPocket.
DigitalBookIndex New! links to over 140,000 free ebooks in a wide variety of categories.  Viewing and download options vary as these are links to various sites.
DivineLifeSociety over 200 books on Yoga, religion and philosophy available in pdf or HTML
DLTK-Teach   offers free printable children's books.  Most are geared towards pre-schoolers, including a set on the alphabet, but there are some stories for older children also.    Suggested by Cathy of  PuzzlEd.
DominicGreen offers 4 of his science fiction novels for free reading online.
DragonBytes Nice collection of horror novels available for online viewing.  Separate section for Vampire novels.
DuncanLongPublications offers several works for free online viewing.  Generally, a pdf download costs money, but some are ad supported and are free.
Earthbound The 5 book science fiction series of Earthbound available for download in lit .pdb .pdf .txt .rtf.
EastofTheWeb offers a good number of scifi short works for reading online.  Thanks to Panzer for this.
EasyMediaBroadcast  offers a nice size collection of mostly classical works for download in TK3.  You must use the TK3 reader, available for free at the site, for these books.  Books are sorted by author and title.
eBookLobby - Small, but interesting and unique, collection divided into 13 categories
eBookNook  A good number of stories, mostly romance, but some children and vampire stories available for online reading.
eBookPlanet has an interesting and unique collection of works in 12 categories available for download in pdf.  Suggested by an anonymous user.
eBooksCube New!has a good size collection of classics available for online viewing.
E-Books Directory 944 books in 344 categories available for download in varying formats.
eBooksForAll New!has 873 free ebooks by 149 authors in 342 categories available.  These are links to other sites, so the download and viewing options vary.
eBooksforYoungReaders  offers a large collection of free books for download nicely categorized into reading levels.

eBooksJustPublished Interesting collection of DRM free eBooks listed daily.  These listings link out to other sites and therefore the download options vary.  Generally these are new books by relatively unknown authors.
eBooksRead Over 242,000 books available for download in pdf or text.  Search by author or title
eBooksWorld New!claims to be the world's largest free ebook directory.  I am not sure if that is true, but they do seem to have a large collection of links to free ebook downloads.  Since they link to other sites, the download and viewing options vary.
eBookTakeaway  has 3500+ free ebooks by 250+ authors for download in pdf, html or ebook text..  Searchable by author, genre or title.  Also biography and book download listings for individual popular authors.
e-cookbooks.net has 14 smaller cookbooks available for free download in pdf.
eduplace  offers 14 "leveled" books for children for online reading or printing.
EldritchPress has a good sized collection of public domain works with some unique categorization. 
Elegant Solutions Software and Publishing Company, LLC  has lots of eBooks for people who think. This Gem of a site was suggested by AndrewK.
Ellora's Cave New! offers 80  free romance reads for download.  Free registration is required.
ePubBooks New!offers over 500 classic books for free download in ePub format.
eReader.com has a small collection of free ebooks for download, but a couple interesting entries.  Registration required.
eServer Technical Communications  has 875 works in its software section and 161 in its web design section (although a number were no longer available) as well as some articles in its other sections.
eText.lib The University of Virginia online library has a large collection of works available for online viewing (some are available in Microsoft Reader).  Even though a good number are limited to UVA students and staff, there is still a good amount of interesting material available to the general public.  Suggested by poster mike dutch.
EveryonesReading  is offering 12 free romance novels for download in several formats.  This is a follow up to their previous offer and may not be around for long.
FableLibrary has an interesting and unique collection of childrens works.  Most are available for viewing online, including some flash versions.  But a few are available for download.  Suggested by Cathy of PuzzlEd.
Fahim Farook New! offers his humorous science fiction novel, Honest, The Martian Ate your dog, for free download or online viewing.
Federal Citizen Information Center offers informational booklets on a great variety of subjects.  Many are free and most of the paid ones are available for a free download.  Suggested by an anonymous poster
FeedBooks - Thousand of eBooks downloadable in a variety of formats
Felicity Heaton New! offers 9 short stories for free reading online.
Fiction eBooks is a interesting small collection of works of fiction (including some Beatrix Potter illustrated childrens books) as well as some books for writers and works philosophy and sociology.  Online viewing only.
FictionPress  is a growing network over 1 million writers/readers, and home to over 1,200,000 original works by unsigned authors.
FictionWise has 35 books available for free download in a great variety of formats.  Most are the usual classics available elsewhere, but there are a couple of unusual ones and a few reference books that might be interesting.  Registration is required. 
FloridaDisaster.org  offers three books on hazardous weather for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade readers in download in pdf.
ForgottenBooks  is an independant publisher that offers almost 10,000 free ebooks (with several thousand more coming) for free download in "low quality pdf".  The books can be searched by top 100, name, author and several categories.  You can get a free "high quality pdf" ebook daily by providing an email address.
FreeBookCentre links to thousands of computer ebooks divided into many sub-categories.
Free-Book.co.uk  has a good variety of free ebooks in 13 categories.  These are links to offsite material and download/viewing options vary.
FreeBooks4Doctors Over 650 works (in varying languages) dealing with medical matters.  Available in pdf download.
FreeBooksforAll A fairly large collection of non-fiction books available for download (mostly in pdf)
FreeComputer Books - Free computer, math, technical books and lecture notes
FreeeBookDownloadLinks  has a very nice size collection of links to free computer science books online.  Download options vary as these are links to other sites.
FreeeBooksBlog New! has a good size collection of unique works, mostly put up for free by the authors.  These are links to offsite downloads, so formats vary.

FreeeBooksCanada  has a large listing of free books available for download in pdf.  Very interesting collection worth checking out.
Free eBooks Net - Free books and resources for authors.  Also magazines
FreeBook-s  has a good number of ebooks for download in epub, mobi or pdf.  Separated into 23 categories.
FreeNovels.net  New! offers the science fiction novel, Flores Girl, The Children God Forgot, for free download in a variety of formats.
FreeOn-LineBooks Interesting collection on individualist feminism and libertarianism available for online viewing.
FreeOnlineBookstore  has a good number of links to free books in a wide variety of categories.  The most engineering  and electrical engineering books I have seen listed at a site.  But they also have works in about 15 other categories.  Since most link  off site, the options for downloading/viewing vary.
FreeOnlineChristianBooks  several hundred books available for online viewing
Free Online Novels Interesting collection for online viewing.  Several hundred novels separated into categories.
FreeQuickRecipes  3 cookbooks available for download in pdf and a large amount of recipes for online viewing as well as other information on kitchen and diet
FreeRead a bibliography of Australian writers who died before 1955, with links to a good number of them for download or viewing.
FreeRomanceFiction offers 5 free works available for download in pdf.  These are in their Holiday, Paranormal, Erotic and historical subsections.  There may be works added in the future.
Free SF Online  over 2,000 links to science fiction books for reading online
FreeSFReader Collection of links for mostly science fiction, fantasy and horror novels and short stories, but also some other genres
FreeTechBooks - Computer science and programming books, textbooks and lecture notes.
FullBooks - Thousand of free full text books.
GailSpencerLamm  offers her illustrated ebook, Emily's Patience, for free online viewing or download.
GenealogySearch  offers historical and genealogy books from around the world.
GenieBooks  offers 15 books for younger readers for download in PowerPoint.  Has not been updated in a while, but links still work.  Sponsored by University of Auburn.  PowerPoint can be read with the free Open Office.
GetFreeEbooks - Several hundred free ebooks, generally offered up by the authors.  Download options vary as these link offsite.
Giraffian offers a nice collection of books for pre-schoolers, covering the alphabet, numbers colors and other topics.  Suggested by Cathy of PuzzlEd.
Globusz - A place for new authors to post their work and for readers to check them out for free.
GoldenGems  a collection of little golden books and other illustrated books for children for online viewing and saving as jpg.
Google Book Search - Good selection of free ebooks available in a variety of categories.
GrtBooks - A large collection of great books and classics.
Gutenberg - Over 25,000 books for download there and over 100,000 available through their affiliates.
HANDebooks has 15 public domain classics available for download in Plucker or eReader.
HealthRecipes  A good number of cookbooks available for download in pdf.  Scroll down the page as there are pay books at the top.
HeritageAuctionGalleries offers two works of James L. Halperin, The First Immortal and The Truth Machine, for free download in MS Word.
HesperianFoundation  offers about 15 books on basic health and treatment for free download in pdf.
HolyBooks.com  Download holy books, sacred and spiritual texts in full length for free. Suggested by an anonymous poster.
HorrorMasters 2100 classic horror novels available for download in pdf, plus links to horror novels at other sites.
HowTo offers around 150 free "how to" ebooks on a wide variety of topics.  Suggested by an anonymous poster.
Infomotions - 14,000 listings from full classic novels to Western philosophy.  HTML only.
Ink.Imagedjinn  has a nice collection of short fairy tales, a couple of myth stories and the book Pinocchio available for online viewing.  A site for children.
InklessTales  offers 15 children stories for online viewing as well as games, poems and activities.
In-Tech  offers 80 full length books for free download in pdf (zipped).  Large selection on the topic of robotics.  There are also about 2000 journal articles available here for free.
InternationalChildrensDigitalLibrary nice collection of children's books from around the world in a variety of languages and nicely categorized, available for online viewing
InternetArchive - Over 500,000 texts available for download
Internet Sacred Text Archive very interesting and large collection of books on religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric available for online viewing.
Into Windows  Into Windows has about a dozen downloadable PDF 'Tips and Tricks' Guides to Windows 7. Suggested by Sea Mac
Ishwar offers free ebooks on most of the world's religions.
Islaam Pure & Clear  around 50 Islamic books for reading or download
Jackee'sCorner   has romance novels of Jackee Connor for available for download in pdf, html and lit.  There are 4 completed novels, 4 works in progress and 5 short stories.
JamesDunavant offers his book, The Keepers of  Forever, for download in HTML. or online viewing.  A download compatible with Palm Pilot is also available.

JeffInlo offers his book, Alien Cradle, for download in a large variety of formats and for online reading.
JennaBlack  offers her work "Embraced in Darkness" for free download in pdf.
JimDeFilippi  offers 8 of his crime novels for free download in pdf.
Jody Kihara has made two of her books for children available for free download in PDF and apparently more freebies are forthcoming.
Journeyof theHeart   offers the works of Judith Bronte for free.  These romance novels are available for download in pdf or reading online.  There are 7 completed works and a couple in progress.
Jude's Forum  offers the novel, "Formerly Brandewyne" for free download without registration.  It looks like registration will allow other free works for download.
JuliaCarda  offers her novel, Portal to Peace, for free download in pdf at her website.
KalinBooks  has 4 science fiction novels of Kalin Ringkvist available for online viewing or download in pdf (with a fifth on the way.
Kallysten  has a good number of works available for free download in pdf.
Kellscraft Studio Around 250 books available for online viewing.  Kellscraft lists out of print, public domain novels, most published prior to 1923.  Searchable by title, author and topic.
KidsAudioBooks  has 12 classic books for children for download in pdf.  Most are available elsewhere, but there is one unique entry.  Also a good collection of audio books and some coloring books.  Suggested by Cathy of PuzzlEd.
KidsKnowIt  is not a book site, but it does have a lot of reading for children, along with educational puzzles and games.
KidsNurseryRhymes  a British site featuring over 1200 nursery rhymes for online viewing.  Also has sing along rhymes (must have midi player-available there) and some nursery rhyme disco recordings available for download in MP3.
Kidspace  A small collection of childrens books, available for online viewing, from the Internet Public Library.
Knowledgerush has a good sized collection separated into about 30 categories.  Nice children and Mystery sections, among others.
LearningIsland Nice collection of children books available for online viewing.
LearningPage  has a series (38) of printable "Tommy" story books suitable for about 8-10-year-olds, plus some other printable books, for free.  Suggested by Cathy of PuzzlEd.
LewisShiner  offers four of his novels, a good selection of his short stories, two screenplays and two audio books for free download at his Fiction Liberation Front website.  Thanks to "awh" for this.
LibraryofCongress    maintains a nice collection of classic children's books in its Childrens Literature collection of its Rare Book section.  these are available for online reading and download in pdf.  These are illustrated copies and are a nice mix of well known and unusual.
Librivox Although mostly know for its excellent collection of audio books.  A poster named Les has pointed out that they also have links to online viewing sites for all of its large collection of audio books and also download links.
LilFingers Storybooks Small collection of books for very young children for reading and being read to.
Listverse  has a interesting top ten list (though there are 11 entries) of  free sci fi books on the web.
Literarium has a small collection of classic works available for online viewing.  A nice collection of Sherlock Holmes, some interesting historical documents and a few unique classic works.
Literature.org has a collection of classics, arranged by author,  for online viewing.
LiteratureMaster  has thousands of ebooks in a wide variety of categories available for online viewing.
LiteratureNetwork has over 1900 full books and over 3000 short stories and poems by over 250 authors available for online reading.  Searchable by author and they have a few unusual ones.
LiteraturePost 825 works from 71 authors available for online viewing.
Luisa Green  offers 3 of her romance ebooks for free download in pdf.
Magickeys small, but interesting, and unusual, collection of childrens books for online viewing.
MagickSpells is a collection of books on astrology, magic and mythology for free viewing online.
ManyBooks - 22,000 books available for download in a variety of formats.
MeatBook has an online cookbook image of the Ground Meat Cookbook available for online viewing.
MedLine Plus is a great, trustworthy site for general health information, including tutorials, clinical trial updates and the latest news in medicine. You can also find plenty of books, including some intended for children.
MemoWare - A unique collection of books for hand held devices.  There are some shareware items, but 99+% are free.
Michael Hardgrove  offers his illustrated book, "The Echo and the Pixie" for free reading online.
MichaelPalin  Former Python Michael Palin has made a name for himself lately as a brilliant travel-writer and has made six of his travel books available for online viewing.  They are spread across many pages, so not very practical to download.
MicrosoftReader has links to free works at the University of Virginia and theUniversity of Oregon.  Between those two sites, there is a large number of works available for download.

Mises Institute Several hundred books, mostly on economics (and from a libertarian point of view) available for download as pdf.  Some unique entries here.  Suggested by poster, Bill Starr.
MIT Internet Classics Archive - Over 400 works of classical literature available for download.
MIT OpenCourseWare  offers 2000 courses in a wide variety of departments.  The courses I checked seemed to be primarily in pdf, but that may vary.
MobileRead - Forum listing thousands of free ebooks. Check the E-Book indexlisting (for LRF format) or the Automatic Index listing (for various formats) as well as the general posts.
MobiPocket over 10,000 works, in a variety of categories, available for download in MOBI.
Molwick Small collection of scientific and educational books available for download in pdf.
Moxon.net  About 20 ebooks representing writings from a travel writer's articles combined.  Available for download in several formats
Munsey's - Over 18,000 ebooks available in a variety of formats
MusicalTales offers "Helena and the Orchestra of the World of Mist" as a download in text, video, soundtrack or audiobook.
MysteryNovelist  offers the romance mystery, Snow Angels, by Barbara W. Klaser for free reading online.
Nancy'sKitchen has a nice size collection of small cookbooks available for free download in pdf.
NewFreeBooks  has links to free ebooks covered by copyright, but still available legally (most times direct from the author's site.  Excellent source for newer works.
NightOwlRomance has 6 interesting romance novels available for download in pdf.
obooko  offers 30 free books by self publishing authors for download.  Free registration is required.
OnlineBooks4free large collection of links to other sites for online viewing or download.  Nicely categorized.
Online Books Page from the University of Pennsylvania  is a listing of over 30,000 free books on the web.   Mostly this references to other sites, but they do have the Gutenberg listings available for download as well as some interesting special exhibits.
OnlineChristianLibrary has a large collection of christian ebooks available for download in pdf.  Also, a number of reference books are available.
OnlineComputerBooks - Good selection of free computer books.
OnlineFreeeBooks - links to various ebooks (mostly pdf) in 9 categories
Online Library of Liberty hosts over an interesting collection of over 1,100 books available for online viewing and also for download.
Online Novels.blogspot  has links to a 1000 free online novels in a variety of genres.  These are unusual entries not found elsewhere.  Links are offsite and download/viewing options vary from book to book.
OnlineSapiens has a small collection for online viewing, but a few unique entries worth a look.
OnlyFreeFiction  offers about 60 science fiction novels for free download in pdf.  This collection contains works I have not seen elsewhere.
OxfordTextArchive - Over 2,000 classical texts downloadable as ASCII or DOC
PagebyPage a few hundred works available for online viewing.
PalaceofAmino has the 9 book "Bounty Hunter" series available for free download in pdf.
Payton Lee  offers 17 of her romance works and several short stories for download in pdf.  The downloads are at LuLu, which supposedly requires registration to download, but I was able to download and did not have to register.
PBSKids  has a few read along stories as well as several short educational videos for young children.
PDFBooks - 4,700 pdf ebooks
PDFFreeBooks Small collection of children's books and two rare books on Syriac grammar and Arabic-English lexicon.  Available for download in PDF or DJVU.
PennLibraries has several special collections for online viewing, including aCelebration of Women Writers
PennsylvaniaOnlineHistoryBooks provides links to online books regarding the history of Pennsylvania.
PerseusDigitalLibrary - A large collection of classical texts broken down to time period written.
PlaneteBook - Free classical literature
PlanetPDFeBooks - Small collection of classical works.
ProgrammingeBooks has a very nice collection of downloads and links for a wide variety of programming languages.
Project Gutenberg Australia over 1600 novels and an assortment of other works available in varying ways, including test, pdf and online viewing
PsychClassics has 25 books on site for reading, links to 200 other books and about 200 articles all classic works in the field of Psychology.
PublicBookShelf around 150 books in varying categories for online viewing. 
PublicLiterature Has some unique public domain novels among its classic collection of around 100 books.  Also has a large selection of writings submitted by authors which are free and legal to download, but not to distribute.  All are available for online viewing and download in several formats.
PubMed Bookshelf is an engine which lets you search for books containing keywords of your choice and then browse them.
PubMed Central This search engine covers all the open-access articles [rather than books] available on PubMed, the National Library of Medicine's main scientific portal (where you can also find abstracts from many restricted-access articles).
PulpScienceFiction  offers the book, Pulp Science Fiction, for free download in pdf.
PyrSF  offers the first book, The Crooked Letter,  from Sean Williams' Books of the Cataclysm series for free download in pdf.
PuzzlEd  is not a book site, but has links to sites offering free books (which will be incorporated here when I have time) and a collection of jigsaw and other puzzles and other activities for children.
Questia Online Library offers over 5,000 classic and rare works for free online viewing
QuickFound has links to many and varied  free online cookbooks for viewing and for download in pdf.  Definitely worth checking out.
Rachel Starr Thomson  offers "World's Unseen", the first of her "The Seventh World" trilogy for free download in a variety of formats, as well as online viewing at Smashwords.
Racy Li  offers the racy (18+) novel, "Demon Resucer" for download in pdf.
RalphRobertMoore offers his work, Father Figure, for free download in pdf.

RandomStatic offers Newton's Sleep, a novel published in 2008, for free download in pdf or html.
ReadBookOnline has a nice collection of classics available for online viewing.
ReadEasily - Small collection of works that has option for larger print.  HTML only.
ReadPrint - Thousands of books, poems and short stories.
ReadTheseLips short fiction, poetry and other writings especially for and about lesbians.
RealTime - Free media for IT professionals.
Religion-Online  over 6,000 works on religion and society available for online viewing.
RichardEngling  offers his futuristic detective novel, Body Mortgage, for free download.  Registration for a newsletter is required.
RIF Reading Planet  has an interesting collection of books for online viewing that changes monthly.  Also has activities and games as well as Asian/Pacific, Caribbean, Hispanic and native American sections with books and activities.
Rifters offers the novels and short stories of Peter Watts for download in pdf.  Thanks to Ash for this suggestion.
RJRummel offers his six book "Never Again" series for free download in pdf.
RoadtoRomance    has a listing of links to free romance novels for download in pdf or reading online.  Some are duplicates of this listing, but others are links to author sites.
RobertBurtonRobinson  offers a number of free books and short stories for free online viewing and for free download in pdf.
RobertSchifreen has made his new book "The Web Book", which covers everything involved in setting up a website available exclusively to visitors here at Gizmo's.
RodCockle offers a nice collection of illustrated books for online viewing, as well as games and puzzles for 4-8 year olds. Suggested by Cathy of  PuzzlEd.
Rolf A.F. Witzsche offers 14 of his novels for online viewing, download in pdf or as audio books in MP3/M4B.  12 of the novels are part of his "The Lodging of the Rose" series.
RomanceatHeart  the online romance magazine has links to free online romance novels and short stories.  There are some unique entries here.  The links vary as to reading online or download in different formats.
RomanceCorner offers quite a few short works for online reading.  They look to be adult oriented works.
RomanceNovelTV lists 7 romance novels available for free Kindle download at Amazon.
Romantic4Ever offers 2 free ebooks by author, Joan Reeves, as well as some short story romance fiction for reading online.
RomanticMarriageStories  features romance works about married life.  These short stories present a high view of marriage and portray the fun a romantic couple can have in a happy and sexy marriage.
SamizdatPress  has a small collection of science and math works and links to other works.  Their focus is on "material of a pedagogical nature".
Sarah Reinke  has made several of her romance novels, and some non-romance novels, available for download in pdf.  These are for mature audiences and you must be over 18 years of age to download.
Scholastic Small collection of children's books available for online viewing (or read to you).  Featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog.
Scholastic Mini-books has a good selection of stories available to read or print, many of which are free. Suggested by Cathy of  PuzzlEd.
ScienceBooksOnline  has a large listing of links to computer science books available for download in its computer science category.  Since these links are off site, download options vary, but most seemed to be in pdf.
ScienceFictionandFantasy has a small listing of public domain works available for download in text or html.  Most can be found elsewhere, but there are a few unique entries.
Scifimatter  has a nice listing of free sci fi books available on the internet.  Some are already listed here, but there are quite a few unique entries.
SebastianSwan  a collection of Sebastian Swan stories for online viewing.
SejarahMelayuLibrary is perhaps the largest public on-line collection of books and other documents on the history of the Malay archipelago and its surrounding region. It consists of over 700 books and academic papers in electronic PDF format.
Shakespeare's Plays The complete texts of Shakespeare plays with explanatory notes, from your trusted Shakespeare source.  Suggested by Sea Mac. 
Shay's Imagination  offers the unique stories and poems of Shay for online reading or download in pdf.
SillyBooks  has a number of free books available for online reading.  There are also puzzles, games and contests.
specficworld  has a small collection of free sci fi books available for download in pdf.  Mostly short story collections.
Starfall nice little collection of works to help children learn to read

StarRigger  offers some of the works of Jeffrey A. Carver for download in a large variety of formats.  All the novels of his Chaos Chronicles series as well as a few others are available for download as well as his recent novel Sunborn, which is available for free download for a limited time.
Starry FreeOnlineNovels small collection, but some interesting entries, available for online viewing.
Stiljack offers a free complete crime novel of Martin Cooper along with 5 short stories and also has a few other authors short stories.  Aspiring writers are encouraged to have their books posted there.
StoryTimeForMe a nice site with unique entries aimed for toddlers through 2d grade.  Interesting combination of old fashioned animated book and flash video.
StoriesRUs  has the romantic novel "Romantic Venture" available for online reading.
StoriestoGrowBy  has a large collection of folk and fairy tales for children from around the world for online viewing.
StoryPlace Elementary has six stories and related activities for online viewing geared for elementary school age children.
StoryPlace PreSchool  has a nice collection of books and activities designed for pre-schoolers available for online viewing.
Sultan.org  has an extensive listing of links to sites containin Islamic texts as well as a large number of pdf texts at the site.
SunnaOnline New! offers 16 free books on Islam.  All are available for online viewing and some for download in pdf.
Suvudu  offers the first book in some of their acclaimed sci fi series for free download.  Interesting entries.
TechBooksforFree offers a wide range of free programming and computer books divided into nine main categories.
TechToolBlog Links to 345 online programing books
The Complete works of Mark Twain   The Complete works of Mark Twain, Biography, Quotes over at mtwain.com. This site contains *almost all* of Mark Twain's works. Suggested by Sea Mac.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare  is the Web's first edition of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. This site has offered Shakespeare's plays and poetry to the Internet community since 1993. Suggested by Sea Mac.
TheFreeLibrary  has a large collection of free classic books sorted by author and searchable by author, title or keyword.  There is also a small biography of every author along with the listing of that author's works on the site.  The site claims to have over 5 million works.  Online viewing only.
The Works and Life of Charles Dickens Charles Dickens online, a website dedicated to one of the most prolific and esteemed English writers, generally considered the greatest novelist of the Victorian era.  Suggested by Sea Mac.  
Tikiri  has a nice collection of Sri Lankan stories available in English and Sinhalese available as pdf.
ToddlerSchool  has a small collection of illustrated books to read and listen to online. Also has educational games for younger children.  Suggested by Sefi.
TopMystery A good amount of each of the few mystery authors listed are available for online viewing or download
Tor.com  has a good number of Science Fiction & Fantasy stories available for download in pdf, mobi pocket, html or ePub.  Also available for listening or download as MP3.
TravelandTransitions  offers several free ebooks for download in pdf.  These are compilations of the writer's blog entries.
TrinityMoon  a small collection of novels and short stories for online reading.
TripBase  offers 7 travel books for free download in pdf.  These books are compilations of tips from over 200 travel bloggers.
VirtualImprint Offers the ebook Lise for download in several formats. Lise is a sci-fi novel written by D. M. Arnold.  Lise picks up where The Lost Colony (Volume V of the Earthbound Series) ends, with different characters and a new setting. Thanks to "Guy Haha" for this.
Vitalita The Vitalita Culinary Group is offering two free vegan cookbooks for download in text.  A Taste of Vitality and Desserts of Vitality include pictures of the finished dishes.

Wattpad offers several hundred free scifi short stories.
Web Literature has 6500+ works of over 350 authors available for online viewing.  A nice feature is that they try to display the full works of the listed authors
WebPop   has a very interesting collection of unique and nicely illustrated books available for online reading, listening and download.
WildRosePress  offers 73 romance short stories download in pdf or lit or reading online.
WiredForBooks  has a nice collection of Beatrix Potter books as well as a few others for online reading and also available in audio.
WitGuides - Small collection of free ebooks in a variety of categories.
WordIQ Nice collection of over 10,000 books available for online viewing.    There are some unusual entries here, but hard to find unless looking for specific title or author.
WorldofTales  a collection of folktales, fairy tales and fables from around the world available for online viewing.
WorldPublicLibrary - The public selection appears to be all to Project Gutenberg  collections.  But annual membership is only $8.95 for over 500,000 works.
WorldWideSchool  has a fairly large collection of free books spread across 12 categories, with numerous sub-categories.  Search by author name and title also available.  Available for online viewing.
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