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Twitter Tools for Writers and Researchers

Written By Franklin V on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | 10:16 AM

Twitter Tools for Writers and Researchers

Twitter is a wonderful social tool, but did you know that it’s also a goldmine of information? You can use Twitter to get the latest scoop on current events as well as topical interests. Read on, and you’ll learn about 50 tools that will help you use Twitter to get the information you seek.


If you’re interested in local happenings, these tools will help you find out what’s going on nearby.
  1. Nearby Tweets: Check out Nearby Tweets to seek out local Twitter users.
  2. Atlas: Use Atlas to see tweets on a map.
  3. GeoFollow: Using the GeoFollow directory, you’ll be able to find users in specific areas.
  4. CityTweets: See real time Twitter activity for cities on CityTweets.
  5. Twittervision: Check out Twittervision for real-time geographic tweets.
  6. TwitterLocal: On TwitterLocal, you can find tweets in a designated location.
  7. Localtweeps: Check out Localtweeps to find Twitter users near you.


Using these tools, you can find Twitter users and tweets that directly relate to the topic you’re interested in.
  1. Twubble: Twubble highlights Twitter users who have specific interests.
  2. Twellow: Twellow’s Twitter directory offers a Twitter yellow pages.
  3. TweetChannel: Create Twitter channels to monitor through TweetChannel.
  4. Twits Like Me: Twits Like Me will allow you to find related users.
  5. WeFollow: Check out WeFollow to find users based on interest.
  6. Twitter Packs: Twitter Packs offers an organized listing of Twitter users in a variety of different categories.

Set up alerts with any of these services to find out when a Twitter user discusses something you’d like to hear about.
  1. TweetScan: TweetScan will help you research on Twitter, getting updates for your selected keywords.
  2. Monitter: Keep an eye on keywords, and find out geographic areas as well.
  3. TweetBeep: Use TweetBeep to get updated on keywords and phrases.
  4. Twilert: Twilert emails you every time someone tweets with your keywords. 


  1. TweetGrid: TweetGrid is a search dashboard that will make your Twitter searches streamlined.
  2. Twendz: Use this real time Twitter search engine with keywords and word clouds.
  3. twitority: twitority is a great tool for searching Twitter users that have authority.
  4. Flaptor Twitter Search: Mine the Twitter web using this simple search tool.
  5. Tweetzi: Check out Tweetzi to use an advanced Twitter search engine.
  6. Twups: With this news aggregator, you can follow subjects that are important to you.
  7. twAnswers: If you’re seeking out information, you can ask a question and have it answered by Twitter through twAnswers.
  8. TwiST: Get super efficient searches through TwiST.
  9. JustSignal: Use Just Signal to only get the information you’re looking for, and none of the noise. 

Follow what’s hot and developing on Twitter with the help of these tools.

  1. Twitscoop: On Twitscoop, you can learn what’s hot on Twitter, and search to see what’s going on.
  2. Twitt(url)y: Sort URLs by how frequently they are mentioned in Tweets using Twitt(url)y.
  3. Twazzup: Use Twazzup to get a quick and handy look at what’s popular on Twitter right now.
  4. Retweetradar: See the tag clouds and trends on retweets through retweetradar.
  5. Hashtags.org: Keep an eye on Twitter hashtags, and even subscribe to a hashtag using RSS.
  6. Twitlinks: You’ll see links from the most popular tech Twitter users through this tool.
  7. Twitter Search: Through Twitter Search, you’ll be able to learn about trends and search the latest tweets.
  8. Twist: Find aggregated data about what’s going on in Twitter from Twist.
  9. Twemes: Stay on top of Twitter memes with Twemes.
  10. twopopular: Twopopular offers a way to track hashtags and keywords on Twitter.
  11. MicroBlogBuzz: Learn about the most popular links on Twitter and similar services.
  12. ReTweetist: You’ll learn about the most popular retweets from ReTweetist.
  13. TweetVolume: You can find out how often keywords are used on Twitter with TweetVolume. 

Twitter isn’t just a research tool: it’s a great way to share information as well. You can use these tools to get the word out.
  1. TwitPic: TwitPic is a wildly popular way to share photos on Twitter.
  2. LiveTwitting: If you’re at an event or conference, you can share your notes through LiveTwitting.
  3. Twiggit: Use Twiggit to let your followers know what articles you’re supporting on Digg.
  4. TweeTube: With TweeTube, you can share captured videos on Twitter.
  5. QuoteURL: Through QuoteURL, you’ll be able to reference multiple tweets at one time. 
  7. Organization

Make use of these tools to tame the firehose of information on Twitter.

  1. Tweetree: Tweetree makes viewing tweets in conversations convenient.
  2. Twtask: Using Twtask, you can make simple Twitter task lists.
  3. postica: Use postica to put your own sticky notes all over Twitter.
  4. TweetDeck: Make use of TweetDeck, and you can keep different categories of Twitter users separate.
  5. Twit2Do: Twit2Do is a great tool for keeping your to do list together on Twitter.
  6. TwitterNotes: With TwitterNotes, it’s easy to create private notes on Twitter.
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