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Awesome iPhone Apps

Written By Franklin V on Monday, April 25, 2011 | 8:27 AM

100 Awesome iPhone Apps for Studying Abroad

Perhaps one of the greatest opportunities during college is the opportunity to see new things, people, and places. Years ago, Mom and Dad would have to worry every day whether you made it through your Colliseum tour without getting pick-pocketed, or whether you made it back to the hostel without losing your way. These days, all the traveling student needs is common sense, a destination, and an iPhone. So set up an international plan, and download these iPhones apps, then prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.
Travel Basics
Get ready for the ride of your life by examining these iPhone wonder apps.
  1. Speeek.: Contains over 1,500 useful phrases while traveling overseas; by simply talking into your iPhone in English, Speeek. will find the phrase and speak it in Chinese.
  2. Events Finder: Provides events from multiple event sources, such as Upcoming, Eventbrite, and TicketStumbler, all in one application.
  3. iSayHello: Speak German, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish or Polish. Choose your language course and off you go with the language travel guide. This easy-to-use talking travel dictionary with superb audio output is more of a vocabulary trainer and dictionary than a translation program.
  4. New York on Tap: New York on Tap was designed to help people find great bars in New York City. It’ll also help you locate the nearest subway and help you figure out where to go next.
  5. Payless Car Rental: Rent a Car using your iPhone. Travelers can view, modify, or cancel their reservation using the iPhone. "Call to Book" button connects the customer directly to Payless Car Rental’s call center.
  6. Bell Hop: Find photos, information, rates and more on this fast, easy-to-use lodging mobile search.
  7. London Travel Guide: Packed full of cool features our London Travel Guides are everything you that would expect from an electronic tour guide, only it’s free.
  8. Good Food: GoodFood by Goodrec is the best way to find great places to eat. See what other users love and hate.
  9. TripIt: Use your iPhone to access your TripIt itineraries whether you’re online, offline or in airplane mode. TripIt is the best way to organize and share your travel plans. Forward your travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com, and TripIt automatically creates a master itinerary for your trip, with detailed information about flights, hotels, rental cars and much more. It also includes maps, driving directions and local weather.
  10. SushiGuru: Take SushiGuru with you to sound like a pro when you order sushi. SushiGuru provides you with a searchable database of over 200 entries of Japanese and English names of sushi and sushi rolls.
Getting Around
These green apps help you remain earth friendly even when it seems harder in a distant land.
  1. Velo: For cities that have bike sharing programs, this app helps you immediately locate nearby bikes or free spaces to park your bike.
  2. Bike Your Drive by REI: Using your phone’s GPS, this app calculates how much gas you saved by not driving, how many calories you burned, and carbon you saved. You can geotag photos you take along your ride, find out speeds, elevations and a lot more. In other words, your ride becomes even more interesting.
  3. MyBikeInfo: Keep track of every part of your bike, including measurements, so finding replacement parts is a breeze. Perfect for people who take apart their bikes often for travel. Also includes a bike news RSS feed.
  4. Path Tracker: Track your walks, including time traveled, average speed, elevation and more. Good for tracking not only walks but also hikes, runs, bike routes and so on.
  5. AroundMe: The app quickly identifies where you are and shows you the nearest bank, hotel, movie theater, restaurant, market and so on. With nearby businesses so easy to locate, you might be more inclined to walk or bike to what’s close, rather than drive to what isn’t.
  6. Nearby: Easily an app that can be customized for green thanks to user generated content, Nearby gives you location-based notes, photos and stories about everything close to where you are. An excellent way to explore your city and find out things you had no idea existed, but were right around the corner from you.
  7. AirYell: Find out what businesses are around you, pin down what you’re searching for, and then access a map that traces the best route for you to take to get there.
  8. New York Nearest Subways: Using your phone’s camera, this augmented reality app shows you exactly where the nearest subway is and helps you navigate through the underground lines. Hold your phone in front of you and start walking.
  9. iTrans: Search train and subway stations, find schedules, access maps, and find the nearest stations with this app. iTrans has apps for several major cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London and more.
  10. UniBus: Based on public Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), it estimates arrival times of buses, subways and trains. Supports multiple cities across United States, Canada and Australia.
Planning Your Trip
Use these apps to plan your travel, get updates, and more.
  1. iPhone Travel: iPhone Travel will make it easy for you to find deals on air, hotels, and more.
  2. Travelocity: Find hotels near you, check flight schedules, and view your Travelocity itinerary with this app.
  3. roadtrippr: This app will help you find interesting places to visit that are off the beaten path.
  4. Trips: Enter your itineraries and stay on top of changes, delays, and more.
  5. Lonely Planet: Use Lonely Planet’s iPhone guides to learn about cities you may be traveling in.
  6. TripChill: This mobile travel assistant will keep you, your friends, and colleagues on top of your travel status.
  7. Dirt Cheap Vacation Finder: You can find vacation deals right on your iPhone using this app.
  8. Frommer’s: See the latest information from Frommer’s, including maps, prices, and experiences.
  9. Marriott Mobile: Search for rooms, access your account, and more with Marriott Mobile.
Connectivity and Communication
With these apps, you can stay in touch with the people that matter most.
  1. OnTheRoad: Create a travel journal that you can update on the road with this useful app.
  2. Insanely Simple Country Codes for International Calling: This app offers an easy way to find country codes.
  3. Google Latitude: Google Latitude makes it easy for you to see where your friends are and help them find you.
  4. Skype: Download Skype for the iPhone to get free or cheap calling anywhere in the world.
  5. Wi-Fi Finder: Find Wi-Fi anywhere you are by using the Wi-Fi Finder app.
  6. Facebook: Stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues through the social networking site and iPhone app Facebook.
  7. Ultralingua: Ultralingua will provide you with instant translations between multiple languages.
  8. Truphone: With the Truphone app, you can save money on phone calls by using your Internet connection.
  9. Fuze: Use Fuze to connect with friends, colleagues, and more on instant messaging services including MSN, Google Talk, and AIM.
  10. Twitter: Take your pick of your favorite Twitter app for the iPhone to stay in the loop with your Tweeple.
  11. Babelingo: Babelingo makes it easier to communicate in foreign countries by translating what you want to say and displaying it on the screen.
Health and Fitness
Be sure to stay healthy while on your adventure; strength and wellness will come in handy on your worldwide adventure. These apps are great for helping you eat right, exercise, and stay well wherever you are.
  1. SparkPeople: Sparkpeople helps you stay on top of what you’re eating and eat healthy at restaurants.
  2. My Life Record: With My Life Record, you can keep your medical information handy on your iPhone.
  3. iFitness: iFitness works as a personal trainer on your iPhone.
  4. PaceCalc: Find out how fast you’re swimming, running, or biking by using PaceCalc.
  5. WalkJogRun: Learn about exercise routes in over 200 countries by using WalkJogRun.
  6. Diet: Using Diet, you can learn about the nutritional information for more than 7,000 products.
  7. iPhodometer: iPhodometer will help you find out how many steps you’ve taken and the calories you’ve burned.
  8. iStayFit: This app offers an easy solution to keeping tack of your workouts.
  9. Heartbeat: Use Heartbeat to monitor your heart rate.
  10. Pret-a-Yoga: This yoga app will show you yoga routines you can do anywhere.
  11. Massage Me: Get a relaxing massage from your iPhone with Massage Me.
  12. Daily Calorie Calculator: Discover how much you’re burning by using this app.
  13. GymFu: Use these minigames to do pushups and more with your iPhone.
  14. Binaural Beats: Binaural Beats provides users with beats to concentrate on for relaxed, focused, and stress-free states of mind.
  15. Tai Chi Master: Tai Chi Master will help you learn the basics of Tai Chi.
Learn how to get around in a strange city by using these apps.
  1. Emergency Car Care Guide: This app offers emergency car care tips for road warriors.
  2. Gate Maps: Easily get around unfamiliar airports using Gate Maps.
  3. Google Earth: Explore the world around you through Google Earth on the iPhone.
  4. Mobile Map Me: With Mobile Map Me, you can create a map of your important places.
  5. Yahoo. Maps: An alternative to the iPhone’s included Google Maps, Yahoo. Maps can help you get around town.
  6. Cheap Gas.: Find out where the nearest, cheapest gas stations are by using this app.
  7. NextFlight: Watch flights between two locations to find the next flight with this app.
  8. iMetro: Find the best routes between subway stations in a variety of cities using iMetro.
  9. InDoorMaps: Get guides to hospitals, malls, and more using InDoorMaps.
  10. Flight Status: Flight Status provides you with the essential information for thousands of flights in the palm of your hand.
  11. CityTransit: Get around New York City using your iPhone with the City Transit app.
  12. Transitly: This application offers common timetables for mass transit quickly and easily.
  13. My Gas Wars: Learn about the cheapest gas prices in a location with the help of user updates from My Gas Wars.
  14. Trapster: Take advantage of Trapster to get alerted about speed traps near your position.
  15. Metropoliphone: You’ll be able to find subway, bus, and train maps from worldwide cities using Metropoliphone.
  16. Tube London City: Tube London City will help you find your way on the London Tube.
  17. Airport Flight Delays: This app offers a list of current flight delays at airports across the US.
  18. Taxi Magic: Forget hailing a cab; look up nearby taxi services with this app, and get someone to pick you up.
  19. Yelp: Find reviews for just about anything by using the Yelp app.
  20. Flight: Learn about the status of your flight quickly and easily with the help of this app.
  21. Rocket Taxi: Rocket Taxi makes it easy for you to find local taxi services, and even estimate your fare.
  22. Compass PointMeThere: This compass app allows you to store locations, so you can always find your way back to your hotel.
  23. iBart: With the help of iBart, you’ll be able to navigate San Francisco’s Bart system.
  24. Taxi.: Taxi. finds taxis based on your location, offering ratings, prescreened lists, and information about payment options.
Make sure you’re on top of your finances by using these iPhone apps.
  1. Spend: Stay on top of how much you’re spending using this simple app.
  2. MOMPF Currency Converter: Check out currency conversions and store your favorites on MOMPF Currency.
  3. Harvest Time and Expense Tracker: If you’re working on billable hours, this app is perfect for you.
  4. Jetset Expenses: Use Jetset Expenses to automate the process of creating expense reports for your travel.
  5. Currency: Currency will help you quickly find out the currency exchange rate for where you are and where you’re going.
Information and Utilities
These apps make work easier and keep you informed no matter where you go on your adventure.
  1. Your Rights: Keep your basic rights easily at hand by downloading the Your Rights app on your iPhone.
  2. State Info: Use this app to get the lowdown on any state in the US.
  3. The Weather Channel: Learn about weather wherever you are by using the Weather Channel iPhone app.
  4. Night Stand: Get a free digital clock for your iPhone using Night Stand.
  5. Flashlight: Download Flashlight to light up a dark bag, hallway, or hotel room with your iPhone.
Organization and Productivity
Stay productive on the go by using these apps.
  1. Google Calendar: With Google Calendar, you’ll be able to plan out all of your travel nursing activities wherever you are.
  2. iZoho: iZoho makes it easy for you to stay on top of your mobile office.
  3. Recorder: Record anything, anywhere with the Recorder app.
  4. Discover: Keep files like PDFs and maps on your iPhone, no internet access required, with this app.
  5. PDF Reader Pro: PDF Reader Pro makes it possible for you to upload PDF files to your iPhone.
  6. MobileMe: MobileMe makes it easy to sync your mobile life with your computers anywhere.
  7. OmniFocus: Using this tool, you’ll get reminders of all of the things you need to take care of.
  8. Pocket Informant: This mobile calendar makes it easy for you to get things done.
  9. Air Sharing: With Air Sharing, you can transfer files between your iPhone and any system.
  10. Evernote: Evernote will make it easy for you to corral all of your important bits-photos, notes, to dos and more.
  11. Checklist: Use this basic checklist app to stay on top of all the things you need to get done.
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