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Best Blogs for Business -- Everything about business new ideas of business wonderful collection

Written By Franklin V on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | 10:27 AM

Starting a business can be an intimidating venture even for those who are seasoned veterans. Young entrepreneurs shouldn’t let all the complications keep them from working towards their dreams, however. There are loads of resources on the Web designed to help young people start and maintain businesses of all kinds. Here are 100 blogs I’ve collected that provide advice, information and tips on building a great business.

General Young Entrepreneur

These blogs touch on a wide range of issues that are a great help to young entrepreneurs.
  1. Young Entrepreneur BlogFrom articles on becoming the next Richard Branson to tips on creating a better business website, this blog is full of valuable information for entrepreneurs young and old alike.
  2. Driven Leaders: Created just for Generation Y, this blog offers tons of advice for young people looking to get a leg up in business.
  3. The Baby-Face Executive: Are you driven to make it to the top before you lose your youthful good looks? This blog is designed just for those who are success-hungry and need some advice.
  4. Brazen Careerist: Young entrepreneurs will find some great advice and information on the numerous blogs contained on this larger site. Additionally, readers can join the online community and meet others who are looking to start out in business.
  5. Newly Corporate: For those just making their way into the business world, this blog by a fellow recent-college grad can offer some great advice on professional issues.
  6. Young UpstartsWhile this blog is written by and directed at business owners in Singapore, young entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world can take advantage of the information offered.
  7. Empowering Teen CEOsIt’s never too early to get started on building your own business and this blog offers help for teens who’ve got great business ideas.
  8. Young Professional Blogs:While not a blog in itself, this site is an aggregator of numerous blogs that are written by young professionals and businesspeople who are just starting out like you.
  9. Mind PetalsThis blog offers not only information and inspiration but a whole community of young entrepreneurs to get to know as well.
  10. Youngbiz: From grade school to high school, this site offers news, articles and advice to young people all over the world who want to build business skills and capitalize on their ideas.
  11. Teen Entrepreneur: Part of Entrepreneur Magazine online, this blog offers the young and business savvy the chance to learn more about opportunities, skills and future careers.
  12. Young Entrepreneurs of AmericaCheck out this association’s blog to learn more about how you canbuild a successful business, no matter what you’re interested in.
  13. Young and SuccessfulMaintained by the Young Entrepreneurs Network, this blog is a great place to find inspirational stories, tips and more.
  14. NFIB Young Entrepreneurs Foundation BlogGive this blog a visit to get some helpful tips and links to fun entrepreneurial tools.
  15. JuniorBiz: Learn how to turn your freelance side work into a legit business with a little assistance from this blog.

For Entrepreneurs of Any Age

While not geared specifically towards young entrepreneurs, these blogs are still essential reading material for those looking to start a business.
  1. Club E: Here you’ll find blogs by everyone from the seasoned businessperson to the complete amateur that can help you network, learn and share your experiences.
  2. UKpreneur: Check out this blog for posts all about being successful in business ventures from starting out to finding lasting success.
  3. StartupNation: If your dream is to start your own business online or off, give this blog a read to learn more about what it takes to launch a successful startup.
  4. WorkHappy: Learn about all the resources the Web has to offer you that can make your business run more smoothly and profitably.
  5. Startup SparkBlogger Ben Yoskovitz offers loads of tips and advice for new business owners on this blog.
  6. Go BIG Blog: If you’re in need of some advice on finding investors and getting started you can find it here from serial entrepreneur Wil Schroter.
  7. Business Opportunities WeblogWhether you’re looking for some great ideas to invest your time in or want to read about the ventures of a more experienced entrepreneur, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.
  8. Seth Godin’s BlogWhile you’ll find a great deal of information on marketing, this blog is also a good place to read up on everything from better entrepreneurial practices to being more productive.
  9. How to Change the World: A startup owner himself, Guy Kawasaki offers loads of advice to other entrepreneurs on his blog.
  10. Small Business TrendsYour business is going to be starting off small, and this blog caters to issues and concerns that will directly affect you. True novices might find the business jargon confusing, but college grads and those with a little experience should fit right in.
  11. Duct Tape MarketingYour business won’t get far without effective marketing. Check out this blog for simple tips that anyone, even a business newbie, can implement.
  12. BizzBangBuzzThis blog is a great place to find advice on dealing with the many challenges that will undoubtedly face your new business.

Inspirational Young Entrepreneurs

Look to these young entrepreneurs for inspiration and advice on what it takes to make it in business.
  1. A Savvy StartCheck out this young woman’s blog, all about her trials and triumphs in starting a consulting business and media company.
  2. Young Successful EntrepreneurJun Loayza is a blogger and co-founder of the business Future Delivery. Check out this blog for tips on business success and productivity
  3. Sean WingA self-described"serial entrepreneur", this young man shares his ideas and advice for future entrepreneurs.
  4. Musings of a 26-Year-Old EntrepreneurBlogger and entrepreneur Adam McFarland provides posts on this blog about topics like job security, small businesses and more.
  5. Andy Drish.comAndy Drish is 22-years-old and shares his passion for marketing and technology on his blog.
  6. The Young BusinessmanThis young blogger posts all kinds of information relevant to entrepreneurs just starting out.
  7. BrianLash.com: Learn more about the entrepreneurial experience from this blogger and young entrepreneur.
  8. SeanCarter.com: This young man is still in college but has found success working with business ventures on the Web and beyond.
  9. Nothing to LoseYoung entrepreneur Brian shares his successes in entrepreneurship on this blog as well as some tips for other young entrepreneurs.
  10. The Young EntrepreneurNick Grinberg shares his thoughts on business and starting out in this blog.
  11. Think Globally, Act LocallyThese two brothers and bloggers are working hard to start a new business together. You’ll find information about their success as well as tips that can help any young business owner.
  12. Adventures of a Young Entrepreneur in GuyanaLearn what it takes to run a small business, raise kids and take care of a family for this young man in Guyana.

Sound Advice

Check out these blogs for some helpful business advice on money, marketing and more.
  1. Catalyst for ActionThis blog is dedicated to helping young businesspeople find the inspiration and knowledge to build successful businesses.
  2. Employee Evolution: Here you’ll find some great posts on everything from learning how to fit in when you’re the youngest person in the room to some great business branding basics.
  3. Great Leadership: Whether you want to own your own business or just run someone else’s leadership is an essential skill. Here you’ll find all kinds of information that can help you build your skills and emerge a better manager and business owner.
  4. Twenty SetThis blog aims to provide advice to young entrepreneurs who need a little advice on personal and professional development.
  5. Psychotic ResumesCheck out this blog for some suggestion on creating great resumes, getting internships, interviewing and more that can be a big help in business.
  6. The Future of WorkFor those interested in IT and business technology, this blog offers a lot of great advice, helpful posts and much more that can help you learn to get ahead in the field.
  7. Young Money TalksWhether you’re struggling to bring your own finances under control or manage money for a startup, this blog is a great place to look to for advice on everything financial.
  8. Be DefiniteThis blogger wants to help young entrepreneurs find the confidence and skills to be successful in business.
  9. Brand Yourself: This blog will help you understand the basics behind business branding and what you need to do to get your name out there.
  10. The Closet EntrepreneurChances are pretty good that you’ll need to be pretty careful with your limited funds when you’re starting out. This blog offers some great DIY tips for entrepreneurs.
  11. Rise to the Top: Check out this blog for tips and ideas that can help you make the most of your startup.
  12. BlogtrepreneurWith loads of advice for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs of all kinds, this blog is a great resource.
  13. Startable: Take some advice from blogger Prasad who has started multiple businesses on the best way to get your business up and running.

Online Business and Technology Development

The Internet is home to a large number of the startups out there today, and these blogs focus on providing advice and stories about young entrepreneurs who’ve tried their hands at web work.
  1. Jaime Harrop: Young EntrepreneurFrom boosting productivity to getting more hits from Google, this 21-year old shares his business lessons.
  2. Retire at 21: Blogger Michael Dunlop shares his ideas on ways that entrepreneurs can find success in the online business world on this site.
  3. SplitStack: This blogger is only 17 years old and is already finding success in Internet marketing. Check out his blog for some helpful tips and advice.
  4. CashHelwig: For those still in college, this blogger can provide some help in navigating the world of online business as he attempts to find success in the virtual environment.
  5. iarematt.com: Matt Geri is 22 and already working on developing software. His blog features posts about his work, things he finds interesting and more.
  6. Nate WhitehillThis young man started his own blog design business and you can read about his successes and setbacks on this blog, as well as many other topics.
  7. Young Go Getter: Check out this blog for tips on building a blog that can bring in a steady stream of readers and eventually advertisers.
  8. Dare Mighty ThingsThis young boostrapping entrepreneur is trying to build his business from nothing to a million dollar enterprise. Follow along on his site and read helpful advice as well.
  9. David KoretzWith four businesses under his belt by the age of 26, David Koretz is a great person to turn to for advice on entrepreneurship, high-tech startups and the future of technology.
  10. Stanley Tang.comCheck out teenager Stanley’s blog to see how he’s coming along at making money through online technology.
  11. Entrepreneur in the MakingThis young blogger is all about affiliate marketing. Learn how you can use it to make money and use the web to your advantage.
  12. Matt HugginsThis aspiring Internet entrepreneur shares his experiences making his way through online business on this blog.
  13. Alex Kaminski’s Blog: Here you’ll find college student Alex’s blog where you can read about his aspirations to create revolutionary new online dating services.

College and Beyond

Here you’ll find blogs that are focused on making the transition into the business world after college or building up a great business while still in college.
  1. Welcome to LA: Here you’ll find advice and ideas on ways you can make the most of the time you’re at college and prepare for your business career after you graduate.
  2. Life Before Noon: Check out this site to get posts all about your experience as a young adult, from navigating Facebook to planning for your future.
  3. The Mad GradThink life after college will be a breeze? This blogger shares her experiences of life in the working world.
  4. After Grad AvenuesDo you have a plan for your life after graduation? This blog aims to make it easier to make the transition and can offer some tips on getting into business or the corporate world.
  5. Mind FrenzyFor those curious as to what life might be like as an entrepreneur after graduation, check out this blog.
  6. The University KidWho says you can’t start working at your business goals while still in college? This blogger explains how he makes money online and plans for his future after graduation.
  7. College Startup: Learn how you can get rich (or at least earn money to eat) from your dorm room with a little advice and guidance from this blog.
  8. Thrilling Heroics: This blog is geared towards college students who want to think outside the work-in-a-cubicle box and follow careers and passions that are interesting and maybe even a little unusual.
  9. Entrepreneur Student: Here you’ll find tips on using the internet, being productive and setting yourself up for business success post-graduation while you’re still getting your degree.
  10. Undergrad Entrepreneur: Peter Kao is an ambitious student who’s working on his degree and on creating some business ventures at the same time.
  11. StudentpreneurBilled as a place where students can "learn and earn at the same time" this blog offers tips and advice for students as well as informational posts about new technology.
  12. Startup Student: Give this blog a look to get tips and advice on creating startup businesses while you’re still a student.

Young Women in Business

These bloggers are young women and entrepreneurs who want to share their tips and advice on creating a successful business.
  1. Small Hands, Big IdeasGrace Boyle is a young woman working for a start-up. On her blog you can find advice and information on working for budding companies, using online technology, and coming out on top as a young professional.
  2. WorkLoveLife: Here you’ll find posts by Holly Hoffman on everything from start-ups to maintaining healthy relationships.
  3. Girl Meets Business: Get some insight on how women can navigate the working world from the solid advice on this blog.
  4. PR Interactive: Meg is a recent college grad who shares her thoughts and advice on the PR world, a great place to find advice on promoting your business or making your way in the PR field.
  5. ModiteYoung blogger Rebecca Thorman recently quit her job to work at a start-up, and readers can follow along with her progress and get some great advice on her blog.
  6. FemalePreneurs: Young women looking to start a business can find all kinds of advice and inspiration here.
  7. Mind Your Own Business Girls: This blog is home to female-directed business advice from a woman who has made a big splash in the business world.
  8. EntrepreHERWomen can find advice, encouragement and support from this female-focused business blog.
  9. Start Her UpMen aren’t the only ones who want to start businesses. This blog from the Seattlepi offers some helpful advice and insight for female entrepreneurs.
  10. Loaded Bow: This site is dedicated to helping make sure that young women have the tools and knowledge they need to be successful in business.
  11. Birth of a StartupHere you’ll find the story of Alicia Navarro’s startup journey.
  12. Doing Business While FemaleCheck out this blog for some killer tips on business strategy, skills and confidence.


These blogs cover a range of issues from businesses that think outside the box to entrepreneur success stories.
  1. Project: Complete: This blog is home to posts about finding success in business as well as on personal productivity, meeting goals and living happy.
  2. Slideshow: Think you’ll never make it big? This blogger started a web design and development business while in college that now has over 200 clients. Check out his blog for inspiration and advice on marketing.
  3. Raising Entrepreneurs: While this blog is geared towards the parents or teachers of young entrepreneurs, it still provides some great posts about those who have found success and the paths they took to get there.
  4. Streaming FuturesHere you’ll find regular new offerings that allow visitors to listen to interviews with successful leaders in a wide range of fields to get inspiration and advice on making it big.
  5. Generation Breakthrough: Check out this site to learn how you can archive your personal goals and aspirations without letting others discourage you.
  6. Rich By Thirty: If making money is your ultimate goal, check out this blog for tips on raking in the big bucks.
  7. Flee the CubeWant to peruse business ventures in socially conscious areas? This blog is all about turning away from corporate life and following your true calling.
  8. Act As IfWritten by a young business professional, this blog aims to help share some business ideas with those starting out in a wide range of fields.
  9. Young Negotiators: Learn more about navigating investments and getting the most out of every business deal you make from this blog.
  10. Practical Tips for Young Urban ProfessionalsIf you’re new to the whole business thing, this blog may be a big help with tips on how to dress, search for work and even do well at interviews.
  11. MeDirected: If you’re afraid you won’t be able to resist the security of the 9-5 world, this blogger shows you that sometimes, following your real dreams is the only way to go.
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