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Watch Tv and Movies Online Free

Written By Franklin V on Sunday, April 24, 2011 | 7:47 PM

Free TV and Movies Online

Who needs Netflix or Blockbuster when you have a virtually limitless library of movies and television shows available 24/7 on the internet? There are tons of sites out there where you can stream your favorite programs for free and without worry of being busted by the FCC. While these sites can be sued by entertainment companies, you as the innocent web-consumer are perfectly safe, so get streamin’!
Surf the Channel is by far the most clean-cut and easy to ‘surf’ website, sporting everything from movies to anime to vlogs. Once you find the show of your choosing, STC gives you a list of different streaming links so that you can decide which site you want to use. Mega Video is always a good choice if they have it available. STC also gives you the option of subscribing to RSS feeds so that you are notified when there is a new episode of your favorite show or when a movie becomes available.
Having never fully bounced back from being shut down in 2007, TV Links is a strong second-place behind STC. TV Links provides a great selection of shows and films, but lacks the ingenuity and simplicity of STC. There are also more ads to skip on TV Links, whereas you never have to skip ads on STC.
TV Shack lacks the immense selection of STC or TV Links, but makes up for it by embedded movies so that users never have to be navigated away from the main site. The format is also very clean and user friendly, making TV Shack a close runner up to the top 2.
If for some reason the show you want is unavailable on the above three sites, OVGuideprovides a search engine that goes through 3,679 different streaming websites. Downside is that the site is constantly opening up new tabs in your browser for searches and the actual results screen is relatively messy. However, the site does serve its purpose; if you can’t find it on OVguide, it’s not anywhere.
Made famous by their commercial staring Alec Baldwin talking about alien invasion, Hulu is an amazing site, but only for the content that it does offer. Unlike other sites, Hulu actually negotiates contracts in order to be able to stream movies and shows so their selection is limited. Having said that, the quality is the absolute best you can find for streaming since they have the actual files. And while their variety of shows offered is small, Hulu sports great shows like Family Guy, The Office, Saturday Night Live, and the Daily Show With Jon Stewart. The movies aren’t too shabby either with films like Requiem for a Dream and Liar Liar coming at you in 480p resolution. Basically if they have it at Hulu, USE Hulu!
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