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Free Web Tools to help everyone

Written By Franklin V on Monday, April 25, 2011 | 8:32 AM

100 Free Web Tools to Help You 

College is supposed to be one of the best times of your lives, but just working to stay afloat amidst all the studying, scheduling, meetings and group projects, extracurricular activities, decorating projects and budgeting nightmares, can make your whole college experience pass you by way too fast. To ensure that you have a blast at college while also making good grades and preparing for the real world, we’ve generated this list of 100 free web tools to help you hack everything from organization to tuition to study groups to dorm life to party planning.
Tuition and Budgeting
These budget worksheets, savings tools and finance calculators will help you find a little wiggle room for fun, too.
  1. FinAid.org: FinAid.org hosts all kinds of scholarship, loan, savings and general financial aid resources, including calculators and other tools.
  2. Chegg: Head to Chegg to learn about renting textbooks rather than buying them.
  3. BookFinder.com: This is a great resource for college students wanting to find cheaper textbooks, used, international and rare books.
  4. SayStudent.com: This website has student loan information, finance calculators and budget sheets that you can download and print.
  5. Mapping Your Future: Students will learn about identity theft, credit cards and monthly budgeting with these tools.
  6. Money and the College Student: This guide includes worksheets for budgeting by month, semester and school year.
  7. College Budget Calculator: This calculator helps you consider grants, job income (including work-study), room and board, clothing, telephone bills, tuition and more.
  8. TuitionCoach: Use TuitionCoach to learn how to fund college and analyze financial offers from different schools.
  9. Ed.gov: On this website, you’ll learn about all the federal government loan options available to you, how to pay them back, and how to live off a budget while you’re in college.
  10. Mint.com: Mint.com is a powerful but easy-to-use financial tool that lets you keep track of complicated budgets and accounts online.
Calendars and Scheduling
These web tools allow you to keep track of every assignment, group meeting, test date, club activity, date night and nap time you have scheduled.
  1. Jotlet: Jotlet is a calendar with social and collaboration features that is great for college students who need to keep track of social engagements, daily to-do lists and more.
  2. CalendarsQuick: Create your own calendar from over 70 PDF templates on CalendarsQuick.com.
  3. WhichTime WhichTime is a simple, free calendar that’s extremely fast to update.
  4. Sunbird: Mozilla’s powerful calendar works on Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.
  5. Better Gcal: Make your Google Calendar even better with this Firefox app that features a collapsible header and sidebar, colored weekend slots, and more.
  6. HipCal: Set up your calendar with HipCal to sync your address books, share events with friends and study groups, manage a to-do list and more.
  7. MarkThisDate.com: With MarkThisDate, you can upload all of your deadlines, parties and meetings so that your friends and family know how and when to reach you (or leave you alone).
  8. MyMemorizer: MyMemorizer is a reminding service that lets you add events to an online calendar.
  9. Memotoo: This scheduling system, calendar and self-organizer can hold contacts, bookmarks and more online.
  10. Twittercal: Access your Google Calendar through Twitter with Twittercal.
Group Projects and Collaboration
These tools will make it easier for you and your classmates to work together on papers, outlines, presentations and more.
  1. Zoho: Zoho, a free, web-access office suite comes with online presentation tools, collaboration software, web conferencing, e-mail, spreadsheets, wikis, an organizer, word processor and more.
  2. Doodle: There are lots of ways you can use this scheduling and polling tool: for social events, planning group meetings, brainstorming, and more.
  3. bubbl.us: This free brainstorming app is perfect for groups.
  4. iLeonardo: When you want help with research projects, log on to iLeonardo for social brainstorming and more.
  5. Thinkature: Connect in real-time with classmates over this online workspace that lets you move ideas around, edit, and stay organized.
  6. writewith: Groups can work on writing projects together with this online tool.
  7. ProBoards: Create your study group’s online HQ with this private forum hoster.
  8. LooseStitch: Work on outlines with classmates with LooseStitch, which can also host files and comments. The "lite" version is free.
  9. Thinkfold: Manage outlines; add text, images and files; rearrange ideas; view changes in real-time and more on this online collaboration site.
  10. TimeToMeet: Set up meeting times, deadlines and more with this online appointment tool.
College Life
Here you’ll find free web tools for setting up your dorm or apartment, finding a roommate, goal setting and more.
  1. College Moving Checklist: Print out this worksheet to figure out what you need to take and what you can leave at home.
  2. For the Dorm: This tool connects you to online shopping sites that sell supplies for bedding, bathroom, decorating and more.
  3. TracksLife: Track money, your diet and anything else with this personal life tracker.
  4. Sears Campus Ready: Sears’ Facebook page includes a Campus Ready tool for creating a supplies wish list, 3D dorm room design assistant and roommate match-up quiz.
  5. FindMeaPad.com: This free apartment locator finds cheap apartments in Texas.
  6. Design Your Dorm: Use this 3D interior designer tool to experiment with dorm decorating ideas and get feedback from other students.
Note Taking and Organization
A student who takes great notes is already on the right track to getting good grades, too. These note-taking tools and organization lifesavers have it all: calendars, note tracking, sharing, and more.
  1. Chandler: Chandler markets itself as a "note-to-self organizer" that lets you track notes, manage a calendar, share information, and take notes online.
  2. Backpack: Students who are serious about organizing major projects, discussions, schedules and their overall college experience can purchase Backpack with a group of friends for just a teensy tiny price.
  3. MyGoya: This online desktop tool features a private online messenger, chats, calendar, note-taking, sharable files, media player, bookmarks, e-mail and central organization on whatever computer you’re on at the moment.
  4. MyNoteit: Take notes online, organize bookmarks, keep a calendar, and search or share your notes with classmates.
  5. Evernote: Evernote is a great note-taking and organization tool for students who snap photos with friends and need to save screenshots, text and images from the web.
  6. Luminotes: Take notes on your personal wiki and make connections, index cards and more.
  7. Wridea: Organize notes and prepare for papers and tests with this writing tool that lets you save different pages, themes, ideas and more.
  8. TiddlyWiki: TiddlyWiki is a great wiki for storing notes, sharing ideas with classmates, creating your own website, and being productive.
  9. Ubernote: Ubernote lets you manage, share and manipulate web notes with Twitter, Firefox, e-mail, iGoogle, Internet Explorer, BlackBerry and more.
  10. mySchoolog: This online organizer features a place for saving and managing notes, schedules, grades and more.
Bookmarking and Research
This collection of research tools will help you with writing projects, class discussions and more.
  1. Clipmarks: Share bookmarks, websites and other clips with group members on Clipmarks.
  2. Twine: Twine lets you save and share bookmarks while giving you recommendations for other sites and tools based on your interests.
  3. Diigo: This fun tool is practical, too, and lets you highlight, annotate and share notes online.
  4. Backflip: Organize and save your online research, share sites, and create your own personal search engine.
  5. YourDraft.com: Save essay and research paper drafts online with YourDraft.com.
  6. Notefish: Save web pages and information a single Notefish page for better organization.
  7. Zotero: Collect and save your web research sources in your browser for citations and bibliographies.
  8. MyStickies: Firefox’s popular tool lets you add virtual sticky notes to web pages.
  9. Wired-Marker: With Wired-Marker, you can highlight web pages so that your notes and selections are auto-saved in your bookmarks. Add notes, drag and drop, and more.
  10. Schoolr: This search engine is great for students who want to search Google, images, Wikipedia, the dictionary, a thesaurus and acronyms from one spot.
  11. Wizlite: Wizlite is another highlighting and web annotation tool that lets you share notes and pages.
  12. iFaves: This web bookmarking tool uses a hierarchal tag tree for optimum organization.
  13. Fleck: Annotate, bookmark and share web notes with Fleck. There’s also a version for Twitter.
  14. Footnote: This historical research tool can help you make connections by viewing timelines, historical documents and more.
Mind Mapping
From individual assignments to group projects to party planning to managing clubs and special events, these mind-mapping tools are great multitaskers for college students.
  1. Mindomo: Mindomo is a free web-based mind mapping tool with basic bubbles, sub-categories and more.
  2. Semantik: Semantik is an open source mind mapping tool for writing reports, theses and papers.
  3. Stixy: Stixy is a bright and engaging tool that welcomes photos, notes, documents, to-do lists and other mind mapping add-ons.
  4. MAPMYself: This colorful mind map uses illustrated branches and images to help students stay organized.
  5. View Your Mind: Add Wikipedia links, pdfs, mailing lists, references and more to your mind map with this tool.
  6. Dabbleboard: A free plan will get you access to the whiteboard interface and chats with group members.
  7. RecallPlus LITE: This mind map is designed to help students organize their notes.
  8. Pimki: Pimki is part wiki part mind map and works according to the GTD principle.
  9. Cmap: Feel free to use the Cmap concept mapping tools without paying as long as it’s for personal use.
  10. DeepaMehta: This knowledge management software platform is open source and free to use.
Task Masters
Don’t rely on your memory or even syllabi to remember everything you have to turn in. Streamline your to-do lists, meetings, assignments, and even longer term goals with these task managers and time trackers.
  1. Task Coach: Let this open source tool that features tasks and subtasks, due dates, priority levels, different display types, e-mail integration and a lot more.
  2. Remember the Milk: College students will find that depending on Remember the Milk for task reminders, e-mail, Google Calendar and text integration, mobile access, and other organization features is easy.
  3. Toodledo: This online to-do list easily organizes all of your tasks by priority, tag, contest, subtask, due date, time estimate, goals and more.
  4. Jott: Use Jott Assistant and other Jott tools to manage a to-do list, keep track of appointments and set reminders for all your work.
  5. Reminder Fox: Firefox and Thunderbird’s Reminder Fox displays to-do lists and reminds you of upcoming deadlines and appointments.
  6. Soshiku: Soshiku is a tool for high school and college students who want a place to store assignment lists and due dates.
  7. Todoist: With Todoist, you can work with a calendar and prioritize tasks while referring to your Firefox sidebar, Gmail, and more.
  8. SlimTimer: Here you can create and share tasks while timing your work and generating free reports so that you can see where your time goes.
  9. TimeTracker: Download this tool for simple but effective personal project management tracking.
  10. e.ggtimer.com: Set a countdown for studying, practice tests, naps or free time.
Connect with friends with these social tools that make online networking, party planning, club meetings and everything in between a lot easier.
  1. Presdo: This super fast event planner can help you plan parties, dates and more.
  2. Meetup: Organize clubs online and then schedule a place to meet up later.
  3. Netvibes: Collect all of your favorite media, shopping, entertainment and social services in one spot via Netvibes.
  4. Campusbug: This social learning tool has videos, pictures, tagging, chats, writing help, flashcards, a bibliography generator and more.
  5. GroupLoop: GroupLoop’s free version is great for smaller clubs and committees who want to share files, a group calendar, messages and more.
  6. Twitter: Twitter is a terrific social tool for study help and group projects as well as career networking and more.
  7. 43 Things: This social goal setting site is great for on-the-go inspiration.
  8. BestPartyEver.com: Find party planning tools and tips on this site.
  9. Spokeo: Perfect for checking up on ex-boyfriends and girlfriends or getting the dirt on your campus enemies, spokeo searches social media networks and profiles for you.
  10. Ping.fm: Update social media networks from one spot and send messages to IM and e-mail accounts via Ping.fm.
Utilities and Other Tools
Here you’ll find college necessities and more, from IM aggregators to file backup and storage to bibliography generators.
  1. Pidgin: Don’t let IM’ing overwhelm you: use Pidgin to connect to contacts on 16 different IM clients from one spot.
  2. SparkNotes: SparkNotes has come a long way: now you can read the college life blog and get test help while finding book analyses and supplemental study materials.
  3. bibme: Use this tool to format your citations and bibliographies in MLA, APA, Chicago or Turabian format.
  4. Box: This online storage and collaboration tool has a free version that allows for 1GB of storage, a folder widget, mobile access and public file sharing.
  5. RateMyProfessor.com: Over 10 million professors are rated on this site, so be sure to check out student reviews before registering for classes.
  6. CampusGrotto Job Search: Jobs posted on this site are targeted towards graduating college students.
  7. OttoBib: Submit your citations and get an automatically generated bibliography in MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, BibTeX or Wikipedia.
  8. GPA Calculator: Figure out your GPA and what you need to make in each class with this calculator.
  9. MyOpenBar: College students in New York and Chicago can check out places to find free drinks with this tool.
  10. ThisNext: Share product reviews, get fashion tips and find giveaways through this network.
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