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Upload Unlimited Music Online and Share it -- Best Free Websites for Musicians

Written By Franklin V on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | 10:40 PM

The List of Web Sites That Musicians can Upload Their Tracks To

LinkName of Website to Upload Tracks ToAdditional InfoRestrictions To Know AboutAlexa RatingCostAdded / Updated
LinkMySpaceIs there anyone who hasn't heard of MySpace? Create a profile and add other artists and labels to your friends to help get plays.None, but may need some work on profile to make it looking nice.18FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkThe Internet ArchiveAllows you to upload your original music and make it freely downloadable to everyone on the internet. Not just audio as they also archive lots more such as videos and websites.None186FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkLast.fmTake control of your artist/band name on Last.fm. Plays of your tracks with listeners who have the Last.fm software installed get added to their profile. You can also earn royalties for plays through their service.None.342FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkSoundCloudSoundCloud have got some great looking widgets that you can embed elsewhere which allows comments on your music, allows you to follow other artists/listeners like Twitter does and send/receive music from others. The site is ad free too which is nice.Free for the first 2 hours of audio.1495Free and paid accounts.May 17, 2010.
LinkiLikeAllows musicians to upload their music and then publish their songs over the internet on other social networks such as Facebook, Bebo, Orkut and more.None1849FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkSoundClickUploading your music adds it into the SoundClick charts which are separated up by genres. Getting high up in the charts can get you a lot of plays but requires plays in the first place to get high up. Site has widgets which you can place elsewhere.None4149FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkOurStageSign up as an artist and then upload your music into one of the many genres available. Your music will be set against another track for listeners to vote on which one they like the best. This all sorts out the charts and winners each month can win big prizes upto $5000None4349FreeMay 18, 2010.
LinkReverb NationCreate your artist profile on Reverb Nation and you'll gain access to loads of widgets and musician tools which give you the ability to integrate your ReverbNation account into Facebook, Bebo and more.None5169FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkMP3.comGet 100Mb of space to upload your music to. You can also see how you rank on their daily updatetd global Artist charts.None5626FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkBandcampSupports better quality file formats such as FLAC, Apple Lossless, AAC and Ogg Vorbis. Allows you to sell your music using name your price marketing and receive money via Paypal. You also get some very nice widgets to place elsewhere.None7356FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkJamendoUpload full albums, with artwork for free download on the site and also via torrents. Has a donations system in place so that listeners can donate if they really like your music.You'll need to release your music under a Creative Commons license to upload.9550FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkPureVolumeAllows you to create a artist profile for your music and make your tracks streamable or even for free download.None11327FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkVirbNot specifically designed for music as it allows photos and videos too, but lots of musicians upload their tracks here. At time of writing this there are about 250,000 tracks up there.None18535FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkAmie StreetUpload your music and you can sell it using Amie Street. Your music starts out free and as more and more people like it the higher the price goes.None23639FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkthesixtyoneNew music gets put in front of listeners and they have to decide whether they love it or not. The more that love the track, the more likely it is to be listened too.None30061FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkMuzibooAllows you to upload your music and then share and distribute your music with others on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.Free accounts are limited to 5 uploads per month and 64kbps streaming.36942Free and paid accounts.May 17, 2010.
LinkFairtilizerUpload your music to your profile and get some great widgets to embed elsewhere such as on your own website. Site also runs regular remix contests too.None40858FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkccMixterThe cc stands for Creative Commons and contains lots of audio that can be remixed under Creative Commons licenses. As an artist you can upload your music if it is Creative Commons licensed for others to remix or use.None59999FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkBroadjamAllows music uploaders to sell their own music and also submit it to opportunities such as contests, reviwers, labels and more.None62924FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkGarageBandR.I.PA music review site. To be able to upload and get reviews back you need to review some music yourself first.None63646FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkMagnatuneUpload your music and get a cut of the subscription fees they charge listeners. You need to have an albums worth of music and must be all your own stuff, so no covers.They will only accept your music if it is awesome, they say they accept about 5% of what gets uploaded.69345FreeJun 30, 2010.
LinkMyMusicStreamCreate a music profile and upload your tracks to your profile. Also can add bio, videos, news and more to your profile.None129895FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkHumble VoiceNot just for music as they also allow art, photo, video and more. But it is still a site which allows those tracks to be listened to by anyone kind enough to listen.None142440FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkiSoundUpload your music and create a profile, this site will then suggest your music to listeners who might enjoy your tracks.None178239FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkJukebox AliveCreate a free profile and upload your music. Listeners can find your music through the tags or the radio stations.None200236Basic Accounts are FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkMuzicYet another site which allows you to create a profile, upload your music to it and allow listeners to download your tracks.None252749FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkUnsignedA site for musicians who are unsigned (duh!) and who want to create a profile and upload some tunes.None278279FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkArtist ServerLots of categories in this one to upload your music to and get your tracks listed into.None287918FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkWorldSingsSubmit your songs and if they are good and voted for in the community, then you could qualify to compete in the World's Best Song competition.None371148FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkJambuzzerListeners (buzzers) get paid to listen to music and can also buy music they like.None402184?May 17, 2010.
LinkTribe of NoiseConnect musicians with companies and people looking for music for their own projects.None465500FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkYozikCreate an account and you can use their musicians tools, sell your music and more.None643272Free and paid accountsMay 17, 2010.
LinkMixposureAllows free members to upload 2 songs to their artist profile. More features are available for premium members.None1012000Free and Premium accounts, Free limited to 2 songs.Jun 30, 2010.
LinkmTraksAllows independent musicians to sell their music to people through their site. Artists/Labels can sign up to start selling.None1295000FreeMay 17, 2010.
LinkMySongStoreUpload your music and get a widget to sell your tracks from your own website. You can even legally make and sell cover versions of songs.None2201000Free (limited to 4 songs) and paid accountsMay 17, 2010.
LinkPlugolaA social network and digital store in one. Sell your tracks and also get your fans to sell your tracks too by giving them a cut of the profits.None3031000FreeMay 17, 2010.
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