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Written By Franklin V on Monday, April 25, 2011 | 9:20 AM

Comprehensive Guide To Psychology Resources

Psychology is the study of the behaviors and mental functions of not only humans but animals as well. This study of the human mind can be traced back to ancient Greece, China and Persia, where philosophers wrote out theories on why humans behave in the way that they do. However, the organized study of psychology only began as early as the 1800s and since then several fields have developed that focus on certain aspects of psychology. The most notable of these are clinical, cognitive, comparative, developmental, educational, experimental, forensic, industrial-organizational, school and social. While many of these fields of study often overlap, they each offer a unique and invaluable look at the minds of both humans and animals.
Clinical Psychology
Definition Defines clinical psychology.
Description Describes what clinical psychologists do and provides a definition of clinical psychology.
Job Scope Describes the areas in which clinical psychologists specialize.
History Provides a brief history of clinical psychology and gives a look into the day of a typical clinical psychologist.
Education Describes the education required to obtain a license to practice clinical psychology as well as advanced education options.
Cognitive Psychology
Highlights of Cognitive Psychology Provides a broad definition of this area of psychology and its importance.
Focus Describes what areas of psychology the practice of cognitive psychology focuses on.
Applied Cognitive Psychology Describes the basic premise of cognitive psychology and how it applies to intelligence gathering.
History Provides a timeline of the study and practice of cognitive psychology.
Advances in Cognitive Psychology A journal dedicated to the advancement of cognitive psychology. This journal provides several articles detailing the current research in this area.
Comparative Psychology
Overview of Comparative Psychology Describes the basics of comparative psychology as well as details the road blocks in research related to comparative psychology.
Comparative Psychology and Animals An article detailing how studying animal behavior can lead to more knowledge of human behavior.
Scientists Provides information on famous scientist that contributed to the field of comparative psychology.
The Comparative Psychology of Man A detailed look at comparative psychology in humans.
Animal Behavior Describes how a degree in comparative psychology can lead to a job in the animal behavior field.
Developmental Psychology
Development Psychology by Subtopic Provides detailed information regarding developmental psychology in all stages of life.
Child Development Defines child development, describes why the study of it is important and details current research in the study of developmental psychology.
The Psychology of Child Development Describes the current theories in child development and developmental psychology.
Lifespan Development Provides an interactive online activity to display how humans develop over their lifetimes.
Applied Developmental Psychology Describes the advanced education and jobs available to those with a PhD in developmental psychology.
 Educational Psychology
Definition of Educational Psychology Describes in detail what educational psychology is and how it is studied.
Evolutionary Educational Psychology An article describing how children are meant to learn and how they are actually being taught.
Educational Psychology Theories A comprehensive database explaining different theories in educational psychology.
Challenges for Boys Provides a fact sheet detailing challenges young boys face based on current educational psychology research.
Careers in Educational Psychology Provides a brief definition of educational psychology and lists possible career options after obtaining certification.
Experimental Psychology
Definition A general overview of what experimental psychology is.
History Provides a history of experimental psychology starting in the 17th century.
Founders Provides information on the two men that founded experimental psychology.
Psychology Experiments Online Provides a comprehensive list of psychology experiments that have been and are being conducted online.
Human Research Ethics Provides information regarding the protections in place for human research subjects.
Forensic Psychology
Definition and Overview Describes what forensic psychology is and provides a brief history of its study.
What is Forensic Psychology? Describes what the practice of forensic psychology entails in an easy to read and relatable format.
Recent Cases Provides information on recent cases concerning forensic psychology.
Forensic Psychology and Law Describes what questions a forensic psychologist may have to answer in the court of law.
Forensic Services Provides information on the job description of a forensic psychologist, including determining competency to stand trial.
Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Description of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists Describes what the practice is and what jobs those with this degree do.
History of Work Ethic Describes work ethic throughout the ages.
Pursuing an I/O Career Describes what education and experience is necessary to have a career in industrial-organizational psychology.
Dressing to Impress A research paper describing how attire affects the workplace.
Ergonomics Describes what ergonomics is, one of the main studies of industrial-organizational psychologists.
School Psychology
School Psychologists Provides a description of this part of psychology as well as information on what school psychologists do.
Role of School Psychologists Describes the importance of school psychologists for adolescents and their parents.
School Counseling Research Provides information on current research that proves the importance of school counseling programs for both children and their parents.
Student Health Describes how school psychologists promote the health of students.
International Guidelines Provides guidelines for the education of school psychologists.
Social Psychology
European History Provides a history of social psychology in Europe.
Seeking Social Grounds for Social Psychology A theory article that argues humans are not social beings at all, and therefore “social psychology” is a misnomer.
Cult Dynamics Provides information on cults, arguably one of the most fascinating facets of social psychology.
Social Psychology Handbook Information regarding the Social Psychology Handbook, which is published every 15 years.
Career Options Describes the education needed to obtain a degree in social psychology as well as the career options available.
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