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Vegetables for Good health -- Each Fruit specalities

Written By Franklin V on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | 9:19 PM

Raw food proponents have long been spreading the word that a predominantly raw food diet will give you more energy, slow down aging, improve your skin, boost your mood, and fight a host of chronic diseases including chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn's disease and even cancer.
Walnuts are a perfect example of the doctrine of signatures; they look like little brains, and they contain omega-3 fats, which support brain health.
Yet, long before that, sometime in the early 17th century a German mystic named Jakob Bohme realized a philosophy known as "the doctrine of signatures." According to Bohme's writings, the doctrine of signatures refers to the notion that God marked objects with a sign or "signature" revealing their true purpose. The original theory has been traced back to Galen, a well-known physician and medical researcher around 159 A.D.
What does this have to do with food? The doctrine of signatures says that plants look like the body part they're meant to heal, nourish and support.
''God created plants,'' Dr. Stephen H. Koslow, director of Neuroscience and Behavioral Science at the National Institute of Mental Health told The New York Times of Galen's realization, ''as a provision for the health of human beings, and left a sign on them -- some feature of their shape, color, habitat or behavior -- for human beings to decipher.''
Many scientists call the philosophy superstition and mere coincidence, but those in the natural health arena believe God left us these clues on purpose so we could nourish our bodies.
Which Raw Foods' Appearances Reveal Their Uses?
Take a look through the list below and decide for yourself … do raw foods contain clues from God?
Sliced Carrots1. Sliced Carrots:
They look like the human eye (complete with pupil, iris and radiating lines), and research shows carrots enhance blood flow and function of the eyes.
Tomatoes2. Tomatoes:
Like your heart, a tomato has four chambers and is red. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is excellent for your heart.
Grapes3. Grapes:
A cluster of grapes is shaped like your heart, and each grape could be a blood cell. Science shows that grapes are nourishing for your heart and blood.
Walnuts4. Walnuts:
These wrinkly nuts look like little brains, which makes sense considering walnuts help develop more than three dozen neurotransmitters for brain function, and are a rich source of brain-healthy omega-3 fats.
Kidney Beans5. Kidney Beans:
Of course these look like your kidneys, and they contain nutrients that can help maintain and heal kidney function. Kidney beans are also an excellent source of the trace mineral, molybdenum. This mineral helps detoxify sulfites, a type of preservative added to many foods (and to which many people are sensitive), from the body.
Celery, Bok Choy and Rhubarb6. Celery, Bok Choy and Rhubarb:
These and other rigged, ribbed veggies resemble your bones. They are also 23 percent sodium -- just like your bones -- which is important since your body will pull sodium from your bones if it doesn't get enough from your diet.
Avocadoes, Eggplant and Pears7. Avocadoes, Eggplant and Pears:
Ever notice how these raw foods resemble a woman's womb and cervix? Well eating one avocado a week has been found to help balance hormones, prevent cervical cancer and help women shed birth weight. Ironically, it also takes nine months for an avocado to grow from blossom to ripened fruit.
Figs8. Figs:
These fruits are full of seeds and hang in twos while growing. They're also known to increase the number and mobility of sperm and help overcome male infertility.
Sweet Potatoes9. Sweet Potatoes:
These veggies look like your pancreas and help to stabilize your blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance. They're even known as an "anti-diabetic" food.
Olives10. Olives:
Shaped much like a woman's ovaries, olives actually support the function of the ovaries.
Oranges, Grapefruits and Other Citrus11. Oranges, Grapefruits and Other Citrus:
These resemble mammary glands, and the fruits assist the health of the breasts.
Onions12. Onions:
These look like your body's cells, and science shows that onions help to remove waste materials from your body's cells.
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