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Best Social Sites that makes you Smarter

Written By Franklin V on Monday, April 25, 2011 | 8:55 AM

100 Social Sites That Will Make You Smarter

Social media offers a chance to connect with old friends, keep in touch with family, promote your business, and just have a good time. While there are plenty of fun ways to use social media, it can also be a valuable tool for learning new things. Here are some great social sites that won’t just keep you occupied, but will also help you become smarter and more well rounded in your knowledge.
Books and Reading
Whether you’re a fan of reading or are hoping to become one, these sites let you find recommendations for new books and share your favorites.
  1. BookMoochUse this social site to get books delivered to you that you want to read and to clear out those old ones you no longer want.
  2. ShelfariThis is one of the most popular social networks for bibliophiles, and a great place to learn more about literature.
  3. GoodReadsHere you can get all kinds of recommendations from other users on what you should read next.
  4. BookJettyTrack what you’ve read and discuss the titles with other readers on this great social site.
  5. aNobiiThis site is a great forum for discussing everything from classic literature to the latest Oprah book.
  6. Books Well ReadKeep an online journal of your reactions to the books you’ve read on this site.
  7. Shelf CenteredList all your favorite books on this site and share recommendations with your friends on what to read next.
  8. ListalOn this site you can make all kinds of lists of the books you love and read the collections others put together as well.
  9. Books iReadThis Facebook app lets you share your reading list with all your friends.
  10. Connect Via BooksFind someone who shares your taste in books on this site.
College and Education
These sites focus on sharing educational tools or helping you enhance your learning experience in college classes.
  1. Brainifythis site will help you find the best academic websites, get answers to your questions and connect with other students.
  2. wePapersThrough this site you’ll be able to find and share documents and notes on any subject you find interesting.
  3. LearnCentralHere you can engage in thoughtful discussions, watch educational videos and connect with a community of online learners.
  4. ePalsUse this site to connect with others trying to learn on the web as well.
  5. CampusBugCampusBug is home to resources that will help you improve your educational experience and get in touch with other students.
  6. UloopDon’t miss out on all the great educational opportunities offered by the college in your area. This site will keep you in the loop.
  7. Student.comTalk with other students and find out about educational opportunities and scholarships on this site.
  8. NoteMeshShare your notes and collaborate with others students using this helpful social site.
  9. NotecentricThis site offers users the chance to store and share their notes.
  10. AlumWireGet a little help and advice from the alumni at your school through this networking site.
  11. B4ClassFrom talking about personal issues to talking about education, this site offers students a chance to connect.
Learn more about a variety of different kinds of businesses and business models on these great sites.
  1. LawyrsYou can connect with and get advice from lawyers on this site– especially useful if you plan on going into the law field.
  2. ImageKindThrough this site you can not only sell your own artwork, but connect with other artists, professionals and designers.
  3. ArtBreakThis site is a great place to sell your artwork commission free as well as find advice on being more successful.
  4. AdvisorGarageGet great tips and advice on starting a business from this site.
  5. CofoundrHere you’ll be able to connect and learn from other entrepreneurs worldwide.
  6. EcademyThis site will let you meet others in the business world and form connections that can make a big difference in your success long term.
  7. FocusLearn what it means to really run a business through the community, news and advice on this site.
  8. StartupNationIf you’ve ever thought about starting your own business from the ground up, this site can be an invaluable resource for learning.
  9. TweakoLearn more about the business side of computing from this online social community.
  10. Pixel GroovyThrough this site you can learn how to do a variety of web design tasks with free tutorials.
  11. Idea ClubYoung entrepreneurs can talk and share ideas on this business-focused site.
If you know little or nothing about managing money or investing, these sites can help you learn the ropes.
  1. CovesterFollow more experienced investors in order to learn how to make smarter decisions on your own through this site.
  2. Investing MindsRead user contributed tips on what to buy and what not to buy on this site.
  3. UpDownIf you’re not ready to take the plunge with real money, this site lets you practice your investment skills.
  4. ZeccoShareThis online community can help you learn more about investing and finance.
  5. WesabeIf you really don’t have a clue when it comes to personal finance, this site can help to teach you.
  6. SaveMoneyThose who aren’t too good at saving instead of spending will appreciate the advice on this site.
  7. NetworthIQFind out how much you’re worth and how to increase that with a little help from this online community.
  8. GeezeoThis site will help you track your finances, cerate a budget and learn more about personal finance.
  9. Money TalkHere you can discuss just about any issue related to finance, money, banking or economics.
  10. The Motley FoolGet some tips and advice on investing and track your own accounts here.
  11. Tip’dkeep up to date with the latest financial news through this site.
These social sites will help you learn about people around the world, how to preserve the environment, and more.
  1. BeGreenOn this site you can learn more about what you can do to offset your carbon emissions.
  2. ChangeHave something in the world that you want to change but don’t know how to do it? This site can help you figure it out.
  3. Changing the PresentLearn how you can help make a difference in the world through this online charitable community.
  4. GreenVoiceFind out more about environmental causes on this site and what you can do to help.
  5. Gaia Communityget in the loop about saving the earth, reducing global warming and more through this green living community.
  6. IdealistFrom saving the environment to making a difference in someone’s life, this site offers opportunities and information about causes worldwide.
  7. Care2Whether you already have a cause you support or you’re looking to learn more about one, you’ll find loads of helpful info here.
  8. Bright LightCreate a profile on this site to learn about the charities already out there and how you can create your own and get donations.
  9. ServeNetFrom getting grants to finding others with your same goals, this site will educate you and enlighten you on the world of nonprofits.
  10. TreeHuggerlearn more about the environment through the news posted on this site and discuss specific issues in design, sustainability, organics and more with the online community.
Use these social sites to explore the world right from your own home.
  1. TravellerspointThis online travel community will let you share your own experiences and read about and see pictures from destinations worldwide.
  2. Tribe.netUse this site to find a great travel community that you can connect with and share experiences.
  3. Dopplr: Through this site you can travel smarter, sharing your plans with others, getting advice and getting to know your destination before you arrive.
  4. myTripbookThis site works as a trip planner, but also offers users the chance to connect with others who’ve been there before for advice.
  5. CouchsurfingLearn on this site how you can not only travel but actually connect with the local community as well.
  6. Boots ‘n AllIf backpacking is more your style, you can find out more about destinations and the best places to go from this site.
  7. Lonely PlanetNot only does this site offer great guide books, but it can also be a fantastic place to connect with other travelers.
Special Interest
Learn about new hobbies, special interests, and groups from these sites that are focused on specific topics.
  1. BottleTalkEver wish you know more about wine? This site can help you learn, with a large group of users who love wine of all kinds.
  2. Arts CommunityThis site can help you keep up with the arts community, what’s hot and what’s going on in your neck of the woods.
  3. CoastrIf you love beer you can learn more about it and where to get the best of it on this site.
  4. ColShareDo you have a collection? This site can help you connect with others who do as well so you can share knowledge.
  5. MotortopiaCar lovers or those who’d like to learn more can share and chat on this site.
  6. MOGLearn more about music through this online community.
  7. HivemindThis site offers fans of science fiction and fantasy a place to talk about the best books and movies.
Help yourself learn a new language with these great social sites.
  1. ChaulaThis site offers a free trial during which you can talk to other users, learn through the software and learn a new language.
  2. iTalkiHere you can use this network to find a language teacher, practice with a native speaker, and ask questions in online forums.
  3. MyLanguage ExchangeThrough this site you can find a partner in learning so language learning will be more productive.
  4. WeLangWork with others on learning a language through this helpful site.
  5. xLingoThis is a language exchange site where you can find someone to exchange language learning with and even find some helpful flashcards and more.
  6. UniLangUse the free resources on this site, chat with other learners and learn how to translate with this site.
  7. TalkBeanThis site will help you both learn and teach a language.
  8. Shared TalkJoin this language exchange network to get social and learn something new at the same time.
  9. HuitalkChat, read articles and use free resources on this language learning social network.
  10. Friends AbroadThis site offers a great online community where you can actively participate in learning a language.
These sites will help you to build your writing skills and maybe even write a book.
  1. Discover WritingThis site is a great place to get advice from writing teachers on how to improve your writing.
  2. She WritesWomen can check out this site to connect with other authors and get help with publishing their books.
  3. The Write SpotHere, writers can chat with one another and share tips and tools.
  4. WriterfaceLike the Facebook of writers, this site offers people writing, publishers and marketers a chance to connect.
  5. WriterTopiaThis site offers a host of tools designed to improve your writing.
  6. Writers Get NoticedJoin this site to get some help in your writing, whether for fun or for a potential career.
  7. Once WrittenNetwork with other writers on this site, where you can chat, share videos, enter writing contests and more.
Science and Math
Learn more about science and math from the professionals on these sites.
  1. SciBookGo through Facebook to engage in this group, full of life scientists. Even if you’re not one yourself you can learn loads from their discussions.
  2. ScitableThis free science library and personal learning tool will help you open up the world of science.
  3. CitizenSciIf you’re interested in doing some science investigating on your own, get some advice here and share your own experiences as well.
  4. LabSpacesThis social site will let you read science news, read blogs and communicate with an online community of scientists.
  5. Mathematics 24×7Share a love of everything math related on this site.
  6. MATHEDSDesigned for teachers of math, this site still offers a wealth of resources for anyone interested in learning more about mathematics.
  7. Science for HumanityEven everyday people can make a difference, as this site offers opportunities to make important discoveries for anyone with an idea.
  8. ResearchGate: Use this site to find out what cutting edge scientific researchers are working on.
These sites offer a chance to connect with others and learn about a variety of topics.
  1. Second LifeThere are loads of virtual classrooms and opportunities to learn from in this online virtual reality program.
  2. NingThis social network allows users to create customized groups– many of which offer great opportunities to learn about new topics.
  3. NewsvineKeep up will all the latest news through this great social news site.
  4. WikipediaWhile not everything on Wikipedia is completely accurate, that doesn’t mean the site isn’t a great place to look for info or to share your own.
  5. 43ThingsThis site can be a great place to learn about what others are working towards and get support in working towards your own goals– whether it’s learning a language or just expanding your knowledge.
  6. TraineoMake sure that both your mind and body are getting the support they need. This site will teach you all about how to have a healthy body, eat right and work out.
  7. iVillageThis site offers the chance to learn about everything from pregnancy to going green.
  8. Expert Village: Here you can learn about thousands of topics from online experts in their fields.
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