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Written By Franklin V on Sunday, April 24, 2011 | 5:57 PM

Zietgeist Movement: Project Venus

The Zeitgeist Movement is an international campaign to completely change the world, obviously for the better. The Zeitgeist film does a very thorough job of criticizing and breaking down both religion and government, the two most powerful, yet stagnant elements of modern society. The movement, however, proposes specific changes to the current social system in a plan called The Venus Project. It calls for “the scientific redesign of our culture in which war, poverty, hunger, debt, and unnecessary human, suffering are viewed as not only avoidable, but unacceptable. Anything less will result in a disastrous continuation of the problems inherent in today’s world.” This idealistic world is very far off, and maybe a little bit naive, but interesting to read about nonetheless!

The Venus Project:
- scarcity through use of renewable energy sources and computerized manufacturing and inventory. Minimizing amount of labor needed will eventually lead to no labor whatsoever. Machines will do everything.
- more energy-efficient cities with advanced transportation systems, universal healthcare and more relevant education
- resource-based economy where goods are available without the use of credit, barter, debt or servitude (no monetary system needed)

Politics: politicians  will be replaced with computerize systems which would run all physical entities. The only need for any government at all would be during the transition period from current society to this techno-society, during which analysts, programmers and technicians will be needed to set up the new infrastructure.

Crime: built around the idea that the environment is corrupt, not man. Tabla Rasa! So if malnutrition, scarcity, poor role models and irrelevant education are removed and replaced with abundance, crime will have no reason to exist.

Jobs: with no need to work for their entire lives, people will be free to travel, create, work to help others, study, or whatever they choose to do. Want to snowboard for the rest of your life and teach others how to? Go right ahead!

Capitalist Incentive? : Despite the lack of a monetary system, innovation still occur. In capitalism, competition to make more money forces companies to put out quality products. However, take out the money factor, and people will have no reason not to make quality, innovative products. People will live to solve problems, follow their passions (even in science and hence technology), and do whatever sparks their curiosity. In fact without the need to worry about making money, more people will be free to do what they truly want to do. People are generally better at what they are passionate about so the Venus Project will actually make the world advance faster and more efficiently.

Religion: Complete religious freedom. Everyone would be able to practice their respective religion but would not be allowed to force it upon others.

Education: No more shooting a barrage of facts at students for memorization. The education system would focus on communication and the ability to resolve and avoid conflicts. This would be taught through particpatory exercises rather than through textbooks and tests. Students would also learn about the contributions other countries have made to the world instead of the super-nationalistic, self-glorifying model of education that is present today. The United States is not the only country of importance and the education system should reflect that. The only remnants of the current educational system would be thorough teachings of world history and the scientific method. Again, students would be learning by going out into the world rather than just sitting behind desks, so these two subjects would still be learned quite differently.

Our Planet: The earth is of the utmost priority since it is the planet we are living on… common sense, no? The techonological advancement and availability of products must be within the bounds of our natural resources. We can no longer look to our needs before those of nature.

International Cooperation: There must be a internationally agreed-upon blueprint for this society that an internationally elected council that can translate the blueprint and the advantages of world-unification. Strict rules would be in place that would prevent members of this council from gaining significant power or turning the council into any kind of world government. Politics must be abolished.

Collapse of Old System: As jobs become more and more automated, that is, able to be done by machines, an increasing number of people will be displaced and become unhappy with the system. Additionally, governments will reach a tipping point of corruption, resulting in the general population being unhappy with the government, i.e. Bush administration. These two factors will push the public to move on to a new system.
To view the entire blueprint of the Venus Project and the Zietgeist Movement, check out the official website here.
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