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Free Lessons in Trading Stocks and Options

Written By Franklin V on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 | 8:24 PM

Free Lessons in Trading Stocks and Options

How to Get a Free Lesson in Trading Stocks and Options
They say a little knowledge can be dangerous. When it comes to understanding the stock market, that’s unfortunately what most people possess — a "little" knowledge.

We’re bombarded by daily news of the markets, currency movements, and up and down swings in equities and bonds, and most people struggle to understand what it actually all means.

It’s unfortunate, because financial markets touch practically every one of us. Most people have investments in the stock market, whether they know it or not, through their 401k, IRA, or company options plan. Many other people have portfolios they play some role in managing, while others just want to get in on the tremendous financial upside that certain investments can provide...if they only just understood things a little more clearly.

But, it can be overwhelming to try to learn. The terminology, formulas, and “insider” attitude of those involved in the industry keep many people away—perhaps intentionally. But, this only increases the divide between those who are “in the know,” and those on the outside. And, if you don’t understand something, you are more likely to be on the losing end of it.

Fortunately, there are organizations that have set out to educate regular investors on the ins and outs of the financial markets. One of the most accomplished of these is an online education company called TradeSmart University. TradeSmart has designed various online courses that teach how the market functions to people without financial backgrounds. Their courses are offered through the Web, so they can be taken at the pace and place of your choosing (videos for each class are available). Best of all, they have developed teaching methods that make the material fun and easy to understand and absorb.

TradeSmart offers courses from basic introductions to market and trading fundamentals all the way to more sophisticated strategies for securities, such as options. Their goal is to give people the knowledge and skills they need to confidently make educated and smart decisions, whether trading for their own portfolios, or just keeping an eye on their mutual funds and retirement savings.

Better yet, TradeSmart offers a limited number of new students their key introductory course for free. That’s right, free of charge. They want people to have a solid, basic grounding in the financial markets, but they also find that people tend to enjoy the free course so much that it sparks their interest in learning more about investing. While there is no obligation to go on, students often follow up with other more advanced courses that TradeSmart offers.
The next free course, which normally costs $600 is called “The Foundation of Stocks and Options.”  This course teaches basic foundational market knowledge and also leaves participants with a good understanding of technical analysis, how to read market timing indicators, strategies that work in up and down markets, introductory options trading, how hedge funds work, and how to insure stocks—among other topics. This free fundamental introduction gives students a solid, basic understanding of the market.
TradeSmart’s classes are all taught online, so all you need is a connection to the Internet to participate. Even though the course is given online, TradeSmart can only accept a limited number of students so that each person gets the attention they deserve.
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