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Most Beautiful Countries On Earth

Written By Franklin V on Saturday, May 7, 2011 | 10:30 PM

Man-made or created by nature, some of the world's destinations are truly blessed with colors. Be it northern lights glittering in the sky, exotic birds, or gaudy neon signs, our globe is a vivid melange of shades and tints that have the power to revive your senses and wake up your imagination.
Here are some of the most colourful countries on earth:

South Africa

The colorfulness of South Africa goes beyond imagination. Each season brings an amazing spectacle of colors from hundreds of variations of greens during spring to maroon, fire brick and carmine reds in the fall. Located at the southern end of the world, the country has it all: turquoise waters and white sands, amazing safari destinations, majestic mountains, fertile valleys and abundant wildlife where every animal and plant shimmer with plenty of various colors and shapes.
Fall in South Africa. By geoftheref
Helmeted Guineafowl. By Arno & Louise
The wild flowers of Namaqualand, South Africa. By Martin Heigan


It's all about blue in Morocco. Different shades of the color from cyan to ultramarine can be found throughout the country, from denim tiles to azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea and greyish-blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, there is much more to Morocco's palette than blue: golden glittering sand dunes turning pink during sunset, warm reddish and yellowish spices that fill up the local markets both with amazing scent and brightness and vibrant Moroccan cities packed with any color you can imagine.
Hostel in Morocco. By Ignacio Conejo
Desert in Morocco. By andywon
Tile wall. By mhobl


Colombia is a country of magic scenery where lush green coffee hills, azure waters of the Caribbean coast, pastel buildings of colonial towns and wild vivid nature create a unique bright palette of thousands of colors. With its stunning landscapes, unspoiled places and majestic vistas, the country is truly becoming one of the most rewarding destinations in South America, attracting more and more travellers every year.
Cartagena in Colombia. By Flowery Luza
Coffee area in Colombia. By Ben Bowes

The Netherlands

It goes without saying that a country that considers bright orange its national color must be somehow devoted to colorful lifestyle. The Netherlands is a land of funky houses where each door (or entire house) can be painted in a different shade, hectares of flower fields, golden long beaches and bucolic vivid landscape. No wonder, Holland has been a home to world-renowned painters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Gogh and Kooning.
Millions of bulbs. By Patrick Mayon
Crocs store can be found everywhere in Holland. By Ferdi's World
Houses in the Netherlands. By


It is not only people that make Peru one of the most vivid places on Earth. Varieties of bright traditional clothes decorated with different patterns worn by many Peruvians during national festivals or on a daily basis add extra colors to the country's image, but it is also the exceptional nature of the country that creates such an amazing color spectrum. Picturesque stretches of mountains, volcanoes, beaches and jungle mixed with flocks of exotic birds and colourful wild plants make Peru one of the world's most colourful destinations.
Festival in Peru. By Mannover
Peru. By dachalan
The abundance of macaws in the Tambopata, Peru. By Bill Swindaman


Considered by many the most beautiful place on earth, Norway is a country of natural wonders. The magnificent nature dressed in different colors depending on her moods, seasons and latitude has been a magnet for travellers, photographers and artists from all over the world that come here to admire the power of Norwegian vistas and landscapes. From splendid fjords sparking with all shades of blue and green to magical northern lights glittering in the sky, Norway is a breathtakingly beautiful and fascinating country to travel to.
Norway. By aha42

By Feffef


Anyone who has been to India must admit that it is a country made of colors. Everything seems to be colourful here - the streets, the food, the people, the landscapes. Apparently, beside their aesthetic aspects, the colors play an important part in the Indian culture, religions and consciousness, where each of them has a symbolic meaning and stands for different virtues, emotions or deities.

Pilgrims on the way to a Hindu temple. India. By Rajesh Kunnath
Facial decorative colours. By Matthieu A


Be it the pulsing neon signs of Japanese cities, colorfully dressed crazy-looking youngsters occupying streets of Tokyo, or the pink carpet of cherry blossom that covers the entire country during spring, Japan is home to trillions of hues. From historical temples, remote villages, and exotic islands in the south to snow-capped mountains in the north and bustling modern metropolises, a visit to Japan will fill your head with unforgettable colors and vivid memories.
Shinjuku in Tokyo. By Sraws pulled at random
Harajuku's teenager. By Leishangthem
By zsh323
And what are your favourite colorful countries in the world?

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