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Written By Franklin V on Friday, May 6, 2011 | 11:07 AM

Nature sounds - the best food for your soul

Nature sounds can be separated in two main groups: first one includes the sounds produced by animals, while the second consists of sounds produced by natural phenomena such as weather and meteorological occurrences.
During the history, sounds of nature, especially animal sounds, have been objects of imitation of tribal people (and even of devotion when they have been related to their belief systems). Even today imitation of nature sounds is used in many shamanic rituals and healing techniques.
Apart from that, sounds of nature have many positive effects on humans. Being in nature, surrounded by pure acoustics of the environment, gives a feeling of overwhelming calm that is hard to experience in urban surroundings. Probably that is related to a human brain which reacts positively when exposed to nature sounds. Actually, nature is our ancient environment, so the vibrations it produces in our brain with the frequencies of natural sounds are among most pleasurable states and feels a little like “returning home”. Being in nature, or listening to relaxing nature music can be a great stress relief for the brain, since it is basically coded and shaped in times deep in prehistory when human communities were living in the nature.
While being constantly exposed to the non-natural noise of the industrial civilization, these basic instincts of temporary people are suppressed, but the connection with the nature cannot be destroyed. It is deep inside the DNA code, ready to be activated with every sound coming from nature.
Birds chirping, a cat’s purring, deep underwater acoustics of whales song, raindrops on the leafs, a waterfall over stones, ocean’s hum, or sea waves crashing on beach – all this composes an irresistible divine nature music for a sensitive ear.
There are no negative effects from listening to sounds of nature, while positive ones are many. Except the calm and relaxation they are giving, which affects the psychological and mental state in a best way, other healing powers can be found in sounds of nature. Many modern studies showed that these sounds help regulation of the blood pressure, diabetes, as well as support overcoming of insomnia and depression.
Some alternative medical approaches are completely dedicated to the healing with sounds, especially with natural sounds. Sound healing is based upon the fact that all things are vibrating at specific frequencies. Some scientific researchers have proven that sound, or vibration, has strong impact on a substance.
Maybe the most spectacular results are those achieved by Dr. Masaru Emoto who proved that sound changes the molecular structure of water. Depending on what kind of sound it “hears”, the water structure consciously shows if the sound evokes positive or negative patterns i.e. emotions.
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