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Written By Franklin V on Friday, May 6, 2011 | 11:13 AM

In his masterpiece novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” the famous Columbian writer Gabriel Garcia Marques wrote an unforgettable passage about a man who built a special aluminum roof over his new house only to listen to the sound of rain while making love with his wife.

Even if they have no empirical facts about the effects that rain sounds produce in human behavior, great artists as Marques have the intuitive power to accept, experience, and to transform the art of the nature into great pieces of human made art. Making love while the sound of rain is caressing you – that is something!
However, it is not only this connection to the sound of rain, of course. There are numerous soothing effects on a human mind initiated by a rain sound. The “irregular” rhythm of the raindrops falling from the sky produces a spectrum of emotions. Generally it has a calming effect that helps you to focus your attention to more essential matters of your inner being.
Rain sounds will make your thoughts fly above the usual everyday stuff, and will keep you closer to your true nature. Rain sound will give you a feeling of closeness with yourself. But if you are in a room with other people while it is raining outside, you might experience some kind of a strange, friendly and positive connection to them.
Some of the new scientific studies show that the frequencies of the sound of rain are directly influencing the brain waves. A human brain has strong sensors for different sounds, and it is reacting according to the wavelengths that are touching them. Most often, if focused on it, rain sound will put your brain in Alpha state, which is a deep relaxed state, free from shallow and unworthy sensations of the day. Many maditators use rain sounds to improve their meditations, so they could reach deeper brain wave states as Delta or Theta.
What about the strong summer rain? It is such a releasing experience, and makes you wish to go out and dance in its rhythm. It does not matter that you will become completely soaked! It’s no coincidence that one of the most celebrated movie scenes in history is from “Singing in the rain”, where Gene Kelly is dancing his famous dance, while it’s raining heavily. What a joy and what a power to feel the life!
Apart from this, listening to rain sounds in your office while working can help you to concentrate more intensively. It will disconnect you from the outside noise, and will raise the productivity and quality of your work. The process of working will become a pleasure, not a heavy task that must be done.

The rain is the poetry of the nature, and the sound of rain is the inner music of this poetry. With a light spring rain over the leafs of the trees, late into the night when there are no other sounds, only you and stars – your being is open and understands the universe without thoughts.
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