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Best movie cop Characters

Written By Franklin V on Sunday, May 1, 2011 | 5:31 PM


Through the police genre prodefilovao larger number of guards the laws. There was really all kinds – from police officers maniacs. However, this is one of cenjenijih professions in the film. So the Academy, Sonu Koneru single time honored for her supporting role incorruptible Irish policeman Jamie Maloun De Palm “unbreakable”, while Hekman Zin received his first Oscar for the interpretation of “Popeye” Doyle in The French Connection.

5th Bad White – LA confidential

Soft-hearted ruffian. That would be easiest to describe Bada Vajta in vigorous interpretation of Russell Krouva. But as the story progresses complicated this fantastic neo-noirea Henson, Bad  raw power with cunning Edom Ekslijem (Gaius Pierce) and makeup artist D┼żeko Vinsensom (Kevin Space). When you join my mind and muscles, then the conspiracy that involves a high prostitution, murder and corruption is not unsolvable. Especially if the information related to the case draws nervous Bad. Following its investigation, or witness the status of “penitents” no longer sounds so tempting.

4th John Meklejn – Die Hard
I am against a group of terrorists led, diabolical Alan Rikman. John Mektirnana big hit from 1988. was introduced to the term big-budget Hollywood techno-thriller, and turned Bruce Willis from the television in the global movie stars.This says a New York cop shows indestructible spirit and determination in order to deal with sophisticated bad guys who have occupied a building in Los Angeles and so spoil his plans for Christmas.

3rd Alex J. Marfi – Robokap

“Half man, half machine – a real cop!” It’s about somehow went the slogan Verhoven dark vision of the not so distant future. The hero (Peter Velero untypical choice) one of the best films 80-calculate them up in a cruel manner with the media giant corporations, corruption and organized crime. Strict but fair, the law enforcement job gets done until the end.

2nd Tequila Juen – Hard-Bojld

The last Hong Kong film John Voa before going to America – on the domestic market was not as popular as some earlier director titles. But why are his critics from the West awarded the status of an action classic, which allowed Cio Jun Fatu international career. As it usually happens in films Vuovim – honor, friendship and loyalty play a major role. It will be best for your skin feel the members of the Hong Kong triads, when to them by the death of partner goes Inspector Tequila Juen.

1st Hari Kalahan – Dirty Harry

Our favorite hero! It is about cooperation best Eastwood and limestone, which is produced (anti) hero who was the most painful way possible conclusion Hippo 60-ei prototype became disillusioned police officer who “shoot first, and then asks”.They accused him of fascist methods, sexism, racism and the like, but he Kalahn inspector. However, the man has a bit subjective, or rather a special sense of justice, but Dirty Harry is the first choice for a showdown with incompetent bureaucrats and psychotic criminals. Scene at the end of the first part, when Kalahan with disgust throws police badge, just shows what Dirty Harry thinks about the system.
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